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Democracy at Home and Abroad: Let's Double-Face It

Today The Windsor Star quoted Canada’s Employment Minister, Jason Kenney, as saying that Canada was showing its disagreement with Russia by strongly supporting “free and fair” elections in Ukraine.  242 more words

Should I stay or should I go?

I believe that all teams, with good leaders, can continuously improve as a result of their day-to-day activities. For that, the tasks and challenges delegated and monitored by a leader should bring new knowledge and experience. 503 more words


As has been stated here, the DNS resolution works exactly like we human beings work. The search for an address on web is exactly like the search for address in real life. 503 more words


Understanding DNS resolution

Let’s understand the actual working of a DNS.

To understand that, let’s give a thought about how we understand our daily addresses. For that I give you the love story between Kemli and Pari. 516 more words


5 Things I Wish Pastors Knew

I enjoyed reading Pastor Matt’s blog on the 10 Things pastors hate to admit publicly. It was really eye opening and gave me a much better understanding of how Pastors think and operate. 1,201 more words

Church Family


Number 22. You would like to transition work to your employees, but you need help developing their skills.


Delegation: Increasing Efficiency and Delivering Success

At Healthcare Technical Services (HTS), we are always looking for new and innovative ways to grow in an increasingly competitive market. In order to differentiate our company from the competition, HTS strives to deliver our projects on time and under budget, while providing the highest quality of service. 371 more words

Transition Planning