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Keyloggers - What are they and should I be worried?


Keyloggers are a large problem online, and usually target users of open access computers, but can really effect anyone. A keylogger is simply software (can technically also be hardware) that tracks all entered keystrokes into a machine. 162 more words

The internet never forgets

In class last week ,we covered the novel, Delete by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The novel talked about the importance of the human brain being able to forget especially in the digital age.  788 more words

Oracle HRMS: Cannot delete an employee - Assignment Extra Information Exists

Issue: User cannot delete an employee record on HRMS People Enter and Maintain screen as there are assignment extra information exists for the employee.

Solution: 111 more words



Delete! Is that something you long to do but can’t? Maybe it is consequences to choices, maybe it is a season of trials, maybe it is a time of uncertainty or maybe there is a nagging sense that we must… 577 more words


I’m moving to Strawberry Forest, kissing my home goodbye. I’ll be back in, I don’t know, a month or so. You all don’t even care, do you? 35 more words

Remove: Proudly Powered by Wordpress

The most common free wordpress themes add a footer note that says ‘Proudly Powered by WordPress‘. I will show you how to remove this, using the ‘TwentyElevyn’ theme as my example. 84 more words

With A Click of a Button, My History is Non-Existent

I have the look for tragedy at this moment. I have went to go look for some old files to use but they are gone. 265 more words