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Why I permanently deleted my Facebook account.

When I joined Facebook back in 2006 it was due to a number of reasons such as:

1) It was really cool and only accessible by students (to join you had to be a university student ) 1,349 more words

Clear all cells in worksheet and delete charts

This macro will delete everything in your Excel worksheet.

Sub DeleteEverything()
'Select all cells in workbook
'Delete all contents from cells
'Delete charts as well
Dim wsItem As Worksheet
Dim chtObj As ChartObject
For Each wsItem In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
For Each chtObj In wsItem.ChartObjects
End Sub

delete a particular column from databse using content provider in android

use this query to delete a particular column

String id = “1″ ;

getContentResolver().delete(CONTENT_URI_COMMENTS,  TestingTable._ID+” = ?”, new String[]{“”+id});


Before insert

we need to set the Authority for that inserting class… 57 more words

My head is splitting.....(and spinning) :-P

In answer to a comment about the YouTube Video Editor, yes, you can delete parts of a video that you already have on YouTube. Just drag the video down into the ‘Timeline’ and mouse over it. 183 more words

Here's to more blogging!

Here I am again! Once again abandoned my blog for several months! Sigh! I’m beginning to hate myself for that! But now I’m here with pretty BIG news! 524 more words

What Fuels Me

Spring Cleaning

Once a year, as spring begins, we tend to venture into an overhaul of our belongings and home.  A cleansing of higher magnitude if you will, more so then the usual daily workload.  650 more words