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Yet another post that will be deleted so very soon!

Bacon ipsum dolor amet beef ribs ham hock meatball, shank frankfurter drumstick capicola flank ribeye. Beef ribs meatloaf spare ribs, sausage brisket cow pancetta chuck fatback salami beef ball tip drumstick pastrami. 317 more words


Picture perfect

I found this picture on my phone today. Ive posted this picture of him before but I forgot I still had it.
Is it normal to have a meltdown while looking at a picture? 323 more words

Its Called: My Life

That Delete Button.

Have you ever attempted to just delete someone out of your life? Because I have tried to so many times, but I failed each time. I feel like if I hit that delete button, I’m going to end up needing that undo button because I can never completely wipe someone out of my life. 332 more words


Wait! No! Oh shit!


That pretty much sums up my feelings right now, but I realise that doesn’t really explain my anguish in much detail.

I’ve just realised that if you delete images from your media library in WordPress, it actually deletes the pictures from the posts they were featured on. 194 more words


18. Forget the Stamp, Learn to Use Email

When you receive an email message from someone you usually want to open it.  Some email providers give you a preview of the contents by including the first line of text.  1,155 more words


Recursively delete files and folder like .svn or .DS_Store

The following command would recursively delete files and/or directories on your *nix (+OSX) system

find . -type f -name .DS_Store -exec rm -rf {} \; 35 more words




I don’t know if I just deleted or accepted the Wife’s LinkedIn invite.  I was cleaning out a full inbox and just hitting the buttons…. 67 more words

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