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Antisocial media.

We all have those friends on Facebook that constantly complain about Facebook. The ones that insist they are leaving “I’m gonna jump! I’m outta here” yet they are still there. 798 more words

The Most Unflattering Vacation Photos

We show a lot more skin in the summer, and take a ton of photos, which isn’t always a good combo.  According to a new survey, here are the five most unflattering summer photos you can take: 96 more words


Why I'm swooning today

Because, this:

I go through phases of being very dedicated to very frustrated with the process of trying to meet someone online. It’s not for the faint hearted, and as much as I consider myself pretty stoic and resilient, I have even had my moments of wondering if this needle in a haystack cluster fuck search will even result in some innocent foreplay in the back of a movie theater, let alone true love. 124 more words

General Update

Instance Variable

Each one of object name have their own properties of variable to holds some value. Value of these variable can be a number, text and boolean (true or false). 247 more words


Committing deleted files

In this post, I’ll be dealing with something really basic and is something that most people using git should be knowing about. Nevertheless, I too had been using git for a long time and it’s not every day that you have to come across committing deleted files. 279 more words


Shit. Lol

Okay, I’m done writing for today.

And I pressed something and the post got discarded.

I’m crying. 47 more words

leave or delete?

Should I leave this site up and never return or delete it? I don’t know which one would be better