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Food in Amritsar

“Love for food is the true love” and if you haven’t been to Amritsar, you’re missing on probably which is going to be one extensive trip of Butter, Desi Ghee(Clarrified Butter), Pranthe, Lassi, Masala chai (Tea). 274 more words

Dying Declaration: Tryst between Honesty and Death

As a general rule of law, hearsay evidence[1] isn’t admissible as evidence sue to its unreliable nature. There are few exceptions to the rule, one of them being that of dying declarations.  2,187 more words

Consentia On Multidisciplinary Research

Wednesday Words – Rape is a Sinful Crime.

I read about the Rape of a 6-year-old girl, in her school by a Teacher. It was not the first time, that I have read about such gruesome thing. 724 more words


22/07/2014 Supper: Indian McDonalds

Having been to the restaurant above McDonalds on Monday evening, I decided to actually go in and check out the Indian version of this global institution last night… 211 more words


The Blue Door Cafe Khan Market, New Delhi

Hello Everyone,

So finally I was able to go to this place @Khan Market called The Blue Door Cafe. For those who don’t know I am an Instagram Addict, and for past few months I have been busy with my studies and was just not able to go to all these new places that opened up in Delhi. 553 more words


How I got LEH'd :-)

I don’t  know why I did not share this last year when this happened, may be I did not want to, but I guess I could not hold it any longer in me. 63 more words



21st Dec is almost here and it’s no surprise that once again the so called ‘doomsday’ is hovering over everybody’s mind. Suddenly the Gujrat polls too have become the hot topic. 484 more words