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Lena Willikens announces debut EP for Cómeme

Lena Willikens, a Cologne-based DJ will deliver her debut via Cómeme on 12th January 2015. Titled Phantom Delia, the EP was co-produced by Cómeme founder and producer Matias Aguayo. 124 more words


Musique concrète

Music Concrete is a genre created by sounds that have been recorded and manipulated to put together to make a composition, it first came about around 1948 when two french musicians ‘Pierre Schaeffer’ and ‘Pierre Henry’ realised that they could alter the sound of a record by playing it faster, slower or even backwards. 260 more words

Herstory - The Musical: ELECTRIC SISTERS

Did you know that the composer of the Doctor Who Theme, Delia Derbyshire, is one of the most important/influential electronic experimental 20th Century UK composers? 244 more words