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Minimalism for the wealthy?

I read an opinion peace recently regarding minimalism. It was a criticism that suggested those who voluntarily choose to consume less are doing so from a smug perspective. 274 more words


Psychic Vampires: What Are They, and How to Get Rid of Them

Psychic Vampires: What Are They, and How to Get Rid of Them

“Psychic Vampires” are not the well known bloody creatures that are afraid of day light and suck blood from humans in order to stay alive and keep working for evil. 637 more words


To Doodle or Not To Doodle

The word “doodle” is thrown around frequently when people are first introduced to Zentangle. To those who don’t yet understand the Zentangle method or have never learned it from a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I can see how the two may look similar as far as the outcome. 214 more words


Watch "Neymar injury,World Cup 2014: FIFA Analysing Neym…" on YouTube

Neymar injury,World Cup 2014: FIFA Analysing Neym…: http://youtu.be/xAsgOYqE-HQ

Neymar injury, deliberate or malicious?

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Honing Discernment, Informing Choice. 27 more words


Guaranteed Rent for Landlords | Deliberate BoE lending limits ‘might not have massive influence on London values’

Guaranteed Rent for Landlords | Plans to restrict the amount of mortgages lent at excessive earnings multiples, geared towards cooling the housing market, have been announced by the Financial institution of England. 10 more words

Are you struggling with a startup idea?

Entrepreneurship is a word that is creating a buzz among college students these days. There has been a steady raise in the number of student entrepreneurs in the country. 680 more words


“Man is a thinking reed, but his great works are done when he is not calculating and thinking.” – Tim Gallwey, The Inner Game of Tennis