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Participatory and Deliberative Democracy: How an NGO Could Help Create and Sustain a Healthy Democracy through Encouraging Traditional and Non-Traditional Political Participation

A central basic tenant of democratic theory asserts that democracies require the voice of the people to be heard and acted upon by the government. A growing concern in the United States has become the perception by the people that their government officials are not responsive to their voices. 5,194 more words

Deliberative Democracy

Update on Deliberative Systems Workshop

Further to the announcement via the blog a few weeks ago, Graham Smith has organised a great workshop on Deliberative Systems at CSD, University of Westminster, for tomorrow (November 26). 123 more words


Scots Deliberate: 61 Minutes of Talk About Talk

How Our Democracy Fails at Conversation

We all know the September vote for Scottish independence failed and the country remains a part of the United Kingdom. 413 more words


Workshop Announcement: Deliberative Systems: A Critical Engagement

Workshop at the Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD), University of Westminster, London.

Wednesday 26 November 2014, 10am – 2pm

The most recent ‘turn’ in deliberative democracy is the conceptualisation and application of the deliberative system. 232 more words

Deliberative Democracy

After the referendum: Towards participatory democracy in Scotland

Democracy is always in the making: a never-ending project that requires constant rethinking and development. There are many ways of understanding and practicing democracy, and this article is concerned with those that put citizens at the heart of democratic life. 80 more words

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