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After the referendum: Towards participatory democracy in Scotland

Democracy is always in the making: a never-ending project that requires constant rethinking and development. There are many ways of understanding and practicing democracy, and this article is concerned with those that put citizens at the heart of democratic life. 80 more words

Citizen Participation

More Anti-democratic Narrowing of Public Debate by a Mainstream Economist

An Irish Times article, referring to economist Colm McCarthy, gives another example of how that discipline narrows public debate. He calls for the Irish government to scrap its wind energy development plans on account of loss of energy demand, cuts to renewable energy subsidies in European countries, and a Realpolitik belief that the European renewable energy policy is going to be scrapped. 277 more words

Climate Change

Canberra deliberative democracy centre announces two great post-doc fellowships

The Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra is looking to appoint two Post-Doctoral Fellows to work with Professor John Dryzek on his Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship project ‘Deliberative Worlds: Democracy, Justice and a Changing Earth System’. 82 more words

Deliberative Democracy

Public Question Time: towards the practicalities

In this third post on our series on the Public Question Time idea, Dr Amy Pollard of Involve floats ideas for the practical detail, answering questions like who would get to participate, how would they be selected, how are the topics chosen, who chooses? 1,162 more words