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Define: Weasel Coffee |ˈwēzəl ˈkôfē|

Don’t think about it too much. Weasel coffee is made from the beans collected out of the feces of coffee-eating rodents. Story is, the weasels have a particularly sensitive nose and are able to find (and eat) the best coffee beans in a crop. 107 more words

The Vicious (But Delicious) Cycle

Be forewarned: This post will make you hungry and also hate me.

So this is pretty much how it goes for me during the week. Wake up, work out, work, play softball or basketball or something, relax, sleep. 571 more words


People Who Can Cook/Bake Well Are Just Asking for a Death Threat

One of those things I hate about the internet is all the food. Because eating’s such an important part of life, food’s everywhere in the interwebs. 439 more words


Ceviche anyone?

Since trying Ceviche for the first time a couple of years ago, in a top Peruvian restaurant called Ceviche in the heart of Soho, I have been obsessed with visiting the great country and sampling the delicious dish on its home soil, with the aim to learn the art and become a Ceviche Master myself. 224 more words


Da Mum’s Beef Stroganoff

Here I give you a glimpse of how incredibly spoiled I was a child when it came to food. This was essentially my family’s version of stew and no other beef stroganoff can compare. 394 more words


Two Recipes :)

Hello Everyone!
Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but no worries, I’ll be making up for it today. The recipe that I planned on sharing yesterday was for pancakes. 233 more words


When it comes to social bookmarking, del.icio.us seems to be a great way to retrieve all of those websites that you may potential forget about, but one day need. 33 more words