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Skinny Lasagna

By: Emma Maddalosso

I think we can all agree that Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world, but sadly, Italian dishes are usually loaded with carbs. 368 more words

Breakfast of Champions: Almond Coffee Smoothie

By: Carly Clydesdale

This coffee smoothie is a variation of the one found on LaurenConrad.com. It may not be the most filling, but it is energizing, refreshing, and pairs perfectly with the rest of your breakfast! 109 more words

Baked Nachos

These nachos are super easy to make, anyone could make it. There is some dicing work and heating work and that’s about it! You can have them for lunch or dinner. 246 more words


The Waffle House

Where I live, in Norwich, there are plenty of photogenic little coffee shops and restaurants if you know where to look. This one is a tad different… Today I’m going to show you the Waffle House! 118 more words


Banana Oat Flour Pancakes

You know what goes really well with the song Banana Pancakes…



Breakfast of Champions: Sweet Potato Scramble

By: Carly Clydesdale

Sweet potato scramble is perhaps my new favorite meal! I came across the recipe thanks to MeghanRosette (one of my favorite Youtubers). It’s SO filling and it tastes amazing. 237 more words

TRY Camille's Scrumptious Spinach Swiss Quiche

RDH and chef extraordinaire¬†Camille shares her AMAZING spinach quiche recipe! Give it a try… you won’t be sorry.


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