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Coffee addiction #3

First of all, I’m so very sorry for the quality of my photos. It would be a shame to use the tag ‘photography’ on this post. 221 more words


Yummy! A foodie's day in Cambridge // Pycha! Dzień smakosza w Cambridge

<<< polska wersja poniżej >>>


Make it Italian. Many say Savino’s serves the best coffee in town, and I agree. The interior of the cafe in the back of  Christ College always brought me back to Sardinian neighbourhood eateries, with metal chairs, steel bar, hustle and bustle of customers, many of them regulars. 939 more words


Broccoli & Basil Sticks

Cruciferous (cabbage family) veggies are something I am really trying to work into my diet. For a very long time, meaning about 20 years of my life, my motto was “Real kids don’t eat broccoli.” And yes, for all you 30-somethings, I… 282 more words


Day 171: What? I like delicious things!

I’ve had a lot of foodcentric postcards lately. Some of it has to do with the magazines I’m using. Some of it is just that food is delicious! Happy Saturday!

365 Day Project

Pancake delight

Good Morning Guys!

For this long weekend I choose a yummy healthy pancake. I’m sure you’ll love!

Actually I saw a lot of recipes of pancake and in the end did this one by myself. 151 more words

Gusto, Gusti, Gelato!

I’m allergic to the cold. Except when it comes to gelato. I wouldn’t want to live in a city where it snows, and I sometimes struggle with California winters despite the mild chill. 1,182 more words


Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya

The other day my boyfriend and I craved a hearty, slightly spicy meal after our workout instead of the usual, somewhat tasteless and boring, brown rice and chicken breast we have. 221 more words