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Because I'm Likeable!

It’s just so good to be known by God. When I choose Him, He’s there. When I run from Him, He’s there. When I’m right, wrong, humble, arrogant, kind, mean, sure, unsure, persistent in my walk with Him, or wavering from His ways… He’s there. 182 more words


Ice Cream Delight

Bu yaz para kazanmanın yollarını arayanlardansan tam sana göre bir fikrim var! Parkta dondurma standı kurmak! Sakın merak etme, elimde sana başarıyı getirecek harika bir tarif var. 19 more words

22 October 2014

Today I took a picture of some locoum.


Pure Delight

Chara, or joy, is God’s gift of grace. Grace is God’s unmerited favor for a debt paid on our behalf. If we could really grasp and get our hands around this, we would never cease to express joy. 503 more words