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Breakfast of Champions

The single most important meal of the whole day, so really put your heart into it. It’s worth that extra amount of effort in the long-run. 54 more words


8 Fold Path

Hey guys!

I want to tell you all about something that has guided me in the past 6 months. This ideology of an 8 Fold Path has brought me to where I am today and I’m happy to say it is exactly where I want to be. 177 more words


Just add a Chambray!

Hey Delights :]

The Chambray look was one that I put off adding to my closet for weeks, even months, honestly! I couldn’t figure out the love everybody seemed to share for them. 310 more words


The Water Detox

Hey Delights :]

It’s pretty much the end of July, and for me summer fun and parties have started taking a toll.

A super simple answer? 152 more words


Delight of The Week (Week 11)

Here, at Hazel’s Delights we truly believe in the beauty and artistry in the process of creating delicious treats. In order to showcase our belief as well as introduce the broad range of products that we are able to create, each week we will show a picture of a cake that was created HOME MADE FROM SCRATCH (meaning NO Duncan Hines, or Betty Crocker here!) Our products are created the good old fashioned way, with pure ingredients, countless hours, love, and pride in our craftsmanship… Behold the Delight of the Week! 45 more words


Rebels To Dons!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

So I wanted to show some love to a really close friend of mine, Josh Chung. He started a clothing line called Rebels to Dons, and let me tell you, their products are amazing! 76 more words