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Changing Lives: Prevention and Intervention to Reduce Serious Offending

OJJDP and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) have jointly released “Changing Lives: Prevention and Intervention to Reduce Serious Offending,” part of the Justice Research series. 62 more words

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The Juvenile Justice Resource Hub

The Juvenile Justice Resource Hub is a comprehensive source of information on cutting-edge juvenile justice issues and reform trends. The content of this website is being developed in phases, so check back regularly for new material. 39 more words

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Reducing Youth Incarceration in the United States

A sea change is underway in our nation’s approach to dealing with young people who get in trouble with the law. Although we still lead the industrialized world in the rate at which we lock up young people, the youth confinement rate in the United States is rapidly declining. 72 more words

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Bodgies and widgies, leatheries and teddy boys

Helena has kindly lent me The Gap: A Book to Bridge the Dangerous Years.

A terrifying account of how in 1962, Perth’s parents had caused teenage delinquency to spiral out of control, and how the world would probably end because mothers were working and fathers were enjoying a pint in the pub. 155 more words


Part 3 – Why Youths Should Not Be Tried As Adults

The Youth Criminal Justice Act came into force on April 1, 2003. Some individuals argue that the youth justice system is too lenient with youth and that youth should be punished in the same way as adults. 385 more words

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Youth Delinquency - Where the problem lies

I paired up with Jasmin Poonia, a student Child and Youth Worker, to learn more about how the social and legal realm intersect for youth. I’d like to thank her for her taking the time to share her personal experiences with myself and help enlighten others about this important issue. 638 more words


Comparing Male and Female Delinquency (Youth)

Although there are many similarities between male and female delinquency among youth there are also differences that are overlooked. The tables below examine youth delinquency from the perspective of an individual with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Crime, Law and Deviance and a Youth Child Worker to help you better understand the complexities of youth crime. 486 more words

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