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Ass, Gas or Grass: Flash Fiction

The rain was thicker than the hand of God. And she didn’t know what was heavier; the weather or her morale. Maybe this was punishment for her sins, or just karma playing itself out. 423 more words

Policy Solutions for our Mass Incarceration Problem

The Prison Policy Initiative has put together the “Whole Pie” of our mass incarceration system to give Americans the tools they need to demand meaningful to changes to our criminal justice system. 331 more words

National Human Services Assembly

Does mental illness predict violence, delinquency and crime?

Is there a relationship between mental illness and delinquency? That was the keynote topic presented by Sarah M. Manchak, PhD, University of Cincinnati at the 30th Inter-court Conference held in Columbus last week. 854 more words

Mental Health

My kid got (expelled)/detention; what’s going on in his/her head?

‘You act up at school and they’ll punish you. That’s not the end of it; when you get home, there will also be consequences! Is that understood!?’ That’s how the stern dad would admonish his son, or, ‘Young lady, I expect you to act like one! 806 more words

Adolescent Psychiatry

Now, you are a very intelligent Boy, you are not stupid. Why don’t you Study a course?

I get this way too often. The condescending belittlement, of both acknowledging someone’s intelligence, whilst questioning it.

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