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After 2 years of hard work our new shop was relaunched a few weeks ago. We are confident to offer our customers the best merchandise shopping experience to date. 151 more words

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I am not Doctor Who

Firstly, to avoid any confusion, ┬áthis blog will be about my experiences travelling around New Zealand, not through time – so if you wish to learn more about the capability of a DeLorean, the physics behind a flux capacitor and the space-time continuum, or how to make a police box fly, I suggest you look elsewhere. 65 more words


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Inquiring minds ...

When somebody interviews for a “futurist” job …

How do they check their references?

Via DeLorean, wormhole or ?

(I’ve sat in a DeLorean. Fun. Cool doors. 11 more words

Let's Chat Movies, Yeah! - Back to the Future (1985)

Today is the day when Marty arrived in the future! So join us as we discuss how we felt about the iconic film. (14)



TOY STORY // 15th September 2014

Last July in San Diego at the annual comic-con, Hot Toys presented a sixth scale of the Delorean car from the 80’s ionic movie “Back to the Future”. 80 more words


Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to Back to the Future Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

1. Making a time-machine out of a DeLorean is lame. Why not use something cooler like a Hummer or a Volkswagon?

2. Klingon Commander Kruge and Teen Wolf have time-traveling adventures together. 183 more words