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A Better Day to Forget

If I ever come across a DeLorean and a flux capacitor, I’m sure not going to program January 27, 2015 into the computer and drive 88 miles per hour into the past. 562 more words

Where Do They Go Now: Back To the Future 4?

We at Hero Sandwich are fans of looking at older franchises that need of a little life breathed into them and giving our suggestions on what they can do to make them awesome. 1,990 more words


Back To The Future T-Shirt Art By DegaThreads

Threadless user DegaThreads, aka Pablo Marin, has created this tribute to the classic sci-fi movie Back to the Future with this great piece of T-shirt art! 84 more words


DeLorean ft Mitchelle'l, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Lil KeKe - Picture Me Swangin (Video)

New video from DeLorean ft Mitchelle’l Slim Thug, Paul Wall, & Lil Keke called Picture ME Swangin. I haven’t seen a Dr Teeth video in awhile. Video is pretty clean.


DeLorean Ft. Mitchelle'l, Slim Thug, Paul Wall & Lil KeKe - "Picture Me Swangin" Remix

DeLorean calls upon the who’s who of Houston’s music scene for the remix to his “Picture Me Swangin” video.  The song and video embody everything Houston, TX is all about. 50 more words


Snowballing: The Vilification of Black Men

Watched a story today on Right This Minute and I was blown away by how quickly a black man can get snowballed by the media and by snowballed I mean how a white person can use their position and/or access to devour the reputation of a person of color who gets in their cross-hairs. 497 more words

Food For Thought

Choosing a Path

Every day we face decisions, from the very moment we wake up to the those last few seconds before we fall asleep. Most can probably be placed into the every day bucket of mundane; what to wear to for work that day, the filling in our sandwich for lunch and what to watch on TV that night. 441 more words