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Delta Spirit - From Now On

A quick question for you:

Who is your newest indie-pop obsession?

The answer is Delta Spirit.

Another question:

What song will alternative radio stations be playing over and over in 3 months? 118 more words


Delta Spirit Plays Three Consecutive Nights in NYC This Fall

On September 9th, Delta Spirit will release Into the Wide (Amazon), an album the band wrote in a “flood-ruined, cave-like, rat-colonized room in Brooklyn,” press materials note. 135 more words

DYC's Fave Games For Girls Jams

This time around we are getting a playlist of all my fave new jams to kick off August with.  It is two weeks worth of music (last week I didn’t get around to posting a playlist while in The Berkshires) and just so much that should have us all excited for the rest of the year and like all the amazingness coming in 2015.   59 more words

Delta Spirit/Live On

Oh many am I getting the Bushwick Blues goosies over the latest Delta Spirit jam “Live On.”  It is from their upcoming album Into The Wide… 21 more words

[Indie]: Delta Spirit - From Now On

I say it time and time again; the key to any successful act is a good front man. A band can be tight as hell, but if their lead-singer has no stage presence they’ll probably find themselves in the huge pile of forgotten musical trash that continues to grow in size every second of every day. 100 more words


Day 306 Delta Spirit - From Now On

I’m a total newbie to Brooklyn five-piece Delta Spirit, but with a little search over the wise-old internet, I’m informed that the band have already released three studio albums, and are currently gearing up for number four, “Into The Wide”, due out September 9th via. 49 more words


"Even the darkness has arms, but they ain't got you, baby, I have it, and I have you, too."

I spent the whole of today letting myself be obliterated. Destroyed in one of the best ways possible – by words, by songs, by terrifyingly vulnerable, sharp, brave, and funny characters brought to life by starry-eyed magicians. 422 more words