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Beautifully scripted lies of life

Sometimes we fail to understand people and their motives behind everything they do, at times we choose to be deceived by them. Because we know that are never gonna mend their ways and at the end of the day if not you someone else is going to be deceived by them. 658 more words


Atheism (A Proxied Essay, Written by Soul, Told By Soappary)

I am an atheist.

Hate it or love it, I am a proud atheist.

It just doesn’t make sense to me-why is there a God in the first place? 418 more words

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i was lying to myself

Last year, most mornings during the winter, without fail, my neighbors could probably overhear me talking to myself.

“I am on my path.” “I am writer, whose words touch the world.” “I am brave, courageous, and determined.” 297 more words


Stories of Apocalyptic and Demonic Delusions

Elder Daniel Katounakiotis: Stories of Apocalyptic and Demonic Delusions

Endowed with uncommon intelligence and thirsting for learning, Elder Daniel (+1929) had devoured the patristic books and plundered the treasures of the Spirit. 1,279 more words

Metropolitan Hierotheos Of Nafpaktos

A Practical Lesson In Living Without Delusion

I was watching this video last night, and there was one particular section that stood out.

He talks about when he first started teaching classes, how his mind, all by itself would start counting the students showing up. 80 more words



Need for cold water
Delirious delusions dance
Summer sun fried brain



I have a childhood memory
Umbrella stolen by the breeze
And yet I cannot true recall
If such a day occurred at all

I lived a life of fantasy… 56 more words