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The bright lights don’t matter
the hustle and bustle fades away
Concerns of the world disappear
When I return to my haunt.

Darkness captures my interest… 263 more words


This is clear delusion, but I am afraid may are suffering from this same delusion.

The delusion that any “works” other than believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and His gift of grace to pay for our sins, will get them into heaven. 365 more words




which, contrary to the beliefs of many starry-eyed idealists would NOT be a good thing.


in New Zealand, for example, who rules? 590 more words


AMON-RE - 38


a novel by Wall Grimm

THIRTY-EIGHT continued

“What happened to you baby?”

“I’m in a mess.  I need your help.”

“What.”  Simone says sternly. 1,394 more words


The Great American Dream

The American Dream. A concept that is so valuable that politicians have to continue making promises to protect it.  Apparently, it’s under attack. (Yeah, from the American people!) For the few who may not realize what the American Dream is, here it is in a nutshell: 739 more words

Schizo Kind of Love

I can see it
I can see it clearly
I see sparks in your eyes
Whenever you gaze at mine

I can hear it
I can hear you call my name… 123 more words

Sour Cream Dawnut


Why do I continue to delude myself?

I keep on declaring that I’m letting go, that I’m moving on, that I’m at peace. But then evidence of that which broke my heart – and apparently keeps on doing so – and I’m back to the strung-up, pathetic little fool I curse myself for being. 165 more words

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