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EVENING MEDITATION (30 mins.) ~ Just for Today … If we are a global village, everything you do affects others. This week notice how your dreams and actions affect other people. 147 more words


attentiveness not required

Duh? Simple word to define simple people—yes? Most simpletons parade their conscious reality of delusion in support of the incumbent, his “gift”, and arrogance flaunted, yet, applauded by those absent the mental processes that indicate in running like a scalded dog from their “yellow-dog democrat” philosophy. 20 more words

Scientology: How delusional can you get?

This is sadly how off the rails one gets from remaining in the Truman Show.

First a definition; IAS = International Association of Scientologists, an organization created to facilitate donations from Scientologists for no service in return. 132 more words


Mistake babies

Mistake Parent Dogma- Using your kid(s) as a weapon against people without kids to enforce your morality even though your kid(s) was originally a mistake which you later got attached to, learned to love, and is now a “blessing” in your life.  178 more words

The Re-education Of Cai Otee

Romantic Man

Is there such a thing?
Writes poetry, and 
cutesy songs he sings;
bemoans his loves—lost, 
and sexual misgivings.
Wants her happiness:
Alone his good fortune 
brings! 82 more words


with my server. No emailing and no webbing for waaaaay too long but all seems normal once more. (Let me tell you, no nicotine junkie ever suffered as I have in the last 24 hours, deprived enough to become not only depraved but quite deranged. 169 more words