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Venisian Effect

I love it~!

Better brains, better minds, better educated than mine—and entirely happy.

I envy ‘happy’. My ambition is that one day I too may be happy, comfortable in my knowledge and in full acceptance of current facts; no grounds for dissent nor discomfort. 479 more words


Oh Dear ...

… just when you thought it was safe


the nice folks at New Scientist magazine come out with yet more interesting stuff. To set the scene here: if you’ve read me at all you’ll know already some of my thoughts on Time and Space. 374 more words


Fragments for Friends and Foes

I could barely make the shape of your eye out through
the daze of smoke and clouded thoughts. You burned
through my intentions until my eyes were watery and… 69 more words

Delusion of Capitalism and Free Market

A good read on ‘Delusion of Capitalism and Free Market’.

In a nutshell: “Democracy and the free market are rivals, not allies!!”

In very clear way it has explained the mission of organisations like WTO, IMF, World Bank, which is a blatant truth for anybody to see who care to see it.. 149 more words





that I have so few photos of myself—I hate having my photo taken and have rarely kept any. So?

So recently I posted… 407 more words



i store my depression
in my abdomen
and back fat
it seems
a physical
and unnatural

where’s yours?

if you know it that is… 126 more words

Pete Armetta