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Since I fell in love with you,

you have made me into a worse person.


I am scheming and mistrustful and fearful that I will lose you. 69 more words


Funny choices

SO I was working at Umpqua Community College a few years ago, and I was tasked to lug 50 iPads to the student center and use them to take surveys. 260 more words


A Letter from the Other Side

7 PM With the rope to his neck, and soul levitating from the height he had chosen for his freedom.

In the following paragraph is letter written by a person to his “Soulmate”, so to say. 314 more words


Deja Vu

“Baby seems like everywhere I go I see you…”

That smile, those eyes were unknown until we, I mean he bumped into me *smile*. Ask me who he was freshman year and I would have said “Who?”Now I’m not trying to sound anti-social I just don’t know him. 957 more words


chasing My Dreams

Chasing My Dreams

Dreaming of fantasies,

loving the midnight flow.

Like me pushing daisies

row after row.

Laughing jolly crazies,

insensitive crime,

flowing thoughts

from a delusional mind. 22 more words


All these – they may seem meaningless and probably insignificant to you.And you may even be puzzled as to why these photos were taken. but all these;i treasure them beyond words and i take pride in being able to capture them at the moment when a particular emotion is most felt. 697 more words

China's delusional paranoia

China – trying to control every single thought that ever crossed the brain-washed population of their holy motherland – now has got the schizophrenic idea, that a comic figure is a secret scheme to subvert their innocent young. 101 more words