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The Ladies Man...or not so much.

Well now I kinda feel bad for the guy.

Mike has been writing about women in his neighborhood a lot lately and it’s been with a cockiness that is rather unlike him. 1,506 more words

'Alternate reality': President Obama feels his remarks helped keep protests 'peaceful'

If you thought the violence and rioting in and around Ferguson, Mo., last night was unbelievable, President Obama’s take on the effectiveness of his “peaceful protest” speech will blow your mind. 708 more words

US Politics

The Million Dollar Question?

This is an update of a previous post where we asked the question : Is gentrification the new colonization? Much thanks to those who contributed. Now it’s your turn to chime in! 7 more words

Class Struggle

Think about this

It is highly delusional for us to think that people change because we want them to. People only change, not even when they want to but when their heart is open.  68 more words


Turning himself on

If I haven’t yet managed to clearly convey how self-focused and serving Mike was and is, this post should do it.

I’ve not been on his blog for a while. 1,077 more words

Oh please

As if you had any idea of my love life
Please, save your analysis for a pitied fool
For your words enter one way
And directly leave through the next door… 41 more words


Securing My Spot

Some parents work to secure a sweet spot for their child’s future. Either by primping them for private schools, teaching them more than four languages, or waking up in the dark for hockey practice. 805 more words