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Turning himself on

If I haven’t yet managed to clearly convey how self-focused and serving Mike was and is, this post should do it.

I’ve not been on his blog for a while. 1,077 more words

Oh please

As if you had any idea of my love life
Please, save your analysis for a pitied fool
For your words enter one way
And directly leave through the next door… 41 more words


Securing My Spot

Some parents work to secure a sweet spot for their child’s future. Either by primping them for private schools, teaching them more than four languages, or waking up in the dark for hockey practice. 805 more words


A Crystal Ball Could Really, Really Improve My Blog Stats

Guess What my Blog Stats and Charles Manson’s
Marriage Have in Common

If only I had a crystal ball that would let me see next week’s news. 273 more words

Other Stuff

Blurry, Snowy and Alone!

Dear Alice,

It has started to snow here, all thanks to some snow storm coming from up north. It’s getting colder everyday and I don’t know if I’m made for such harsh winters. 736 more words



I can be very delusional Occasionally, things would be all bottled up inside the perimeter of my body with one more ounce of anger to cause instability and Chaos. 351 more words

Confidence vs. Arrogance

Often I will address the principle of humility and its importance. Personally, I try to keep it at the forefront of all I do for a couple of key reasons. 704 more words

Perspective Park