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No Thanks!

(Pfft… Bitch, please. He ain’t no prize… You can HAVE him!).

Years ago, just before I started dating Mr. Narcissist (*Steve), I met a guy called Paul. 367 more words



Red meat!  Pork!  Fatty chicken thighs!  You’re outta here, buddies!  At least for a while.  Hot-for-Halloween is just around the corner and I’m getting rid of the flab in exchange for sexy abs!   99 more words

Opheeeelia, Stop Breaking My Heart

Ophelia breaks my heart every time. Yes, I’m still working through Hamlet, and I’m tired as fuck writing this, but I just can’t stop thinking about her. 408 more words

Batshit Crazy

Thursday's weirdness...

Today I woke up in one of those moods when you’re so far passed tired that you’re just extremely hyper and annoying. Does anyone else ever get that?? 228 more words

Beauty Blogger

It starts here...

Journalism career: Go!

I’ve started my MA Journalism course at Brunel, let those job offers come flooding in.


How did Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 'invent' Sudarshan Kriya ?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was sent to a cave for ten days by his ‘guru’… Maharishi Mahesh Yogi… 


In the cave, Sri Sri got very depressed… and so he started breathing more than normal… which is technically referred to as ‘over-breathing’ or hyper-ventilation… 21 more words

Art Of Living Foundation

What does Sudarshan Kriya supposedly do ?

Sudarshan Kriya supposedly cures everything from a common cold to depression to cancer…


No delusional ‘devotee’ of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ever questions this obviously fraudulent claim… 14 more words

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