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A narcissist has a delusional and perverse relationship with the truth.

If a narcissist is talking, they’re spinning their web of lies. The simple truth… 128 more words

Mouth Fagging with my Feelings

Sitting right cross there,

Hanging by the edge of the bed;

I just realized,

You’ve been mouth fagging with my feelings.

Sucking in everything,

Inhaling all the beauty; 111 more words

Something Delusional.

“The only thing that was wrong with me was that I THOUGHT there WAS something wrong with me.”

- Courtney Act

These past few weeks left me confused with who I am, who I really wanna be, what I want in my life, and all those little drama episodes that come into one’s life, that a final decision can either make or break someone. 306 more words


the cross hairs are on a symbol, which based on your reaction you have projected your sense of self onto.  and you are now suffering vicarious butthurt based on my effacing what for you is a religious symbol.  

I'm a REAL Boy...Wait...

Alright so I’m not Pinocchio, but dropping the .wordpress and converting to a custom domain does make me feel like a real blogger.
My content hasn’t changed, my layout is the same but I’m suddenly feeling so much more legitimate, like I now need a homepage and a more frequent posting schedule to match. 328 more words

Welcome To My Mad World

Tuesday and I´m going out, and "did someone just say DIET?" - eww.

Rainy, but whatever.

Woke up at 3 am, 6 am and then just before 8 am because my neighbours started screaming at each other again. 317 more words