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The Eighth Sin

by Thoughts of a Senior Citizen

Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. 595 more words

Daily Prompt


Warden controlled flat; South Devon, 2007: With dementia dreams merge with reality.  A sufferer cannot tell the two apart.  The often surreal, mythical and sometimes downright scary scenes played out in dreams no longer sit in a twilight parallel universe.  857 more words

Maps and Memories

As part of the Purani Yaadein/Old Memories project we have been working with residents to capture some of their memories of the local area.

Using maps, photos and images of Heywood past and present Elaine and Jodie showed the residents how to collage and add images together. 55 more words


Personalised medicine, genetics and Big Data: the "New Jerusalem" for dementia?

The fact that there are real individuals at the heart of a policy strand summarised as ‘young onset dementia’ is all too easily forgotten, especially by people who prefer to construct “policy by spreadsheet”. 1,342 more words


Land of our Fathers’ by @JeffAce3

One of the most striking features of this utterly brilliant Commonwealth Games has been the dominance of Welsh competitors. Very occasionally this has shown itself through the winning of medals but, most often, it has been through that most highly prized of awards – the moral victory. 1,324 more words

Person Centred Care


Dementia is a brain disorder. Synucleinopathies happens when a protein called alpha-synuclein accumulates inside the neurons. The changes in this protein and/or its function have been linked to this, Parkinson’s disease and other disorders although no one really understands the role that this particular protein plays. 406 more words

Elderly Care

Music is the Key to Helping People with Dementia and Alzheimer's

I saw the movie Alive Inside and it goes into detail on the power of music and how it affects individuals with these illnesses. It really open me up to the possibility of helping people who have seen their productive life’s taken away. 124 more words