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Organic, Biodynamic…….let’s be reasonable!

It’s only natural.

I am often asked to take clients to a “boutique winery” and it is so easy to oblige; in the Loire Valley there are very few major producers. 1,978 more words

Loire Valley

Is that the asteroid that just swept past the Earth?

Aloha – Afraid not.  NASA is releasing more images of Ceres, the asteroid in the Asteroid Belt not the one passing by Earth last night.  This rendition is cool as it gives a perspective on size.   129 more words

Science Fiction

Biodynamic Syrah, Naturally (from Chateau Maris)

By Christopher Matthews

Before going to our friends’ house for a Boxing Day gathering during the holidays, I stopped by Sipperly’s, our local wine shop upstate, for a gift bottle of wine. 661 more words


Greek Goddess ~ Demeter

Goddess of crops and harvesting
Taught nomads to use a plow
Without her training and tutoring
Mankind would’ve never known how

Presided over mystery cults… 51 more words


3 Hopes, Deep Love and a Trip to the Underworld

There are tiny new buds on the bushes in my yard and I know that spring is in the works. It might be 2 weeks or 8 weeks, but it’s coming! 883 more words

Coleen Renee

Hades and Persephone

The first installation in my narration of the few myths that strongly involve Hades.  I’m not sure why I ended up writing it in a children’s storybook style…particularly considering the whole incest thing.   2,812 more words

Greek Mythology

Review: Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Ric Riordan

When you look at this huge book, you just imagine it being one of those huge children’s books that has more pictures than words. However, as I opened to the first story, I found myself just giggling throughout the book. 410 more words