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LinkedIn Control Chart

I’ve been thinking about doing a control chart post for a while now. Control charts go back to the 1920′s and one normally encounters them in the context of W. 387 more words

Control Charts

Why Modern Entrepreneurs need the 64 Years old Deming Feedback Wheel

I wrote in my article “Start Ups 2014: Generation of Entrepreneurs Without a Business Plan?” about the importance of a business plan.

In this article I want to outline the importance of… 529 more words


Stop Comparing Software Delivery With Manufacturing!

A couple of weeks ago I was at an Experience Devops event in London and I was talking about how software delivery, which is quite often compared to a manufacturing process, is actually more comparable to a professional sports team. 1,443 more words


Dr. Deming - Management's 5 Deadly Diseases

1. Lack of constancy of purpose.
a. No planning for the future.
b. Lack of long-term definition and goals. 287 more words

A Latte with Deming: How I learned to stop blaming employees

There is a coffee shop in southern Stockholm where I have taken the habit of procuring my morning shot of coffee. There’s nothing special about the place, devoid of charm and located at the busy entrance of a metro station, but the coffee’s pretty good. 744 more words


Is Assessing Lean Wasteful?

“The most important things cannot be measured.” - W. Edwards Deming  

The other day, I was asked my opinion about assessments to measure an organization’s progress on a lean journey.   940 more words


"Catharsis" by Kaitlyn Wilson

Books upon books
piles of pens and papers
Advertising musings and thought
Purple walls
littered with pictures of people and places,
fuzzies from friends… 30 more words