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Deming sucks

I can’t stand Deming.

I used to have a mug with his photo on and a snappy quote, but thats all changed now I think he’s dangerous. 683 more words

Systems Thinking

Stealing Pennies From Chileros

By Joseph Sorrentino

—In the early morning darkness, Susana Lopez, backpack slung over her shoulder, heads off to a stretch of discount stores on El Paso Street, one of the main gathering places for farmworkers in El Paso, Texas. 1,219 more words


That Which is Not Measured is Not Controlled

My mantra has been “That Which is Not Measured is Not Controlled”. This applies to my weight, household budget and energy use.

This saying is more commonly stated as “What gets measured gets managed” 372 more words

Get Help Now!

After all the heavy news coverage of recent days about the adverse impact of numerical targets within policing (e.g. PASC findings and the Metropolitan Police Federation report… 33 more words

Systems Thinking

If you want good fruit...

You have to nurture the plant when it is young. You need to give water periodically and apply manure what works as its food. Once it grows big, choices get restricted. 663 more words

Are you too busy to improve? - Focus on the system

This illustration is inspired by and in part derived from the work by Scott Simmerman, “The
Square Wheels Guy” http://www.performancemanagementcompany.com/

Are people in general lazy and unwilling to improve and innovate? 396 more words


Our thousandth view!

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