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Anointing heroes

Dr Deming’s red bead experiment simply yet brilliantly shows that, when we rate and rank people, we are mostly rating and ranking the effect of the system on the people. 673 more words

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The difference between...

A short and, hopefully, light hearted post for you:

For those of you who have been on an improvement course with me you will know that I start off by saying that it isn’t a training course, it is about education (with the same being true about this blog). 76 more words

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Drama club is getting close to their debut Under The Sea!

by Jasmine Deming  ’16 |  One of the biggest musicals ever performed on Colonel’s stage will happen not too long from now! Mark your calendars, boys and girls – The Little Mermaid is hitting the stage with a splash! 153 more words

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Still got Bees

Bees: Where the wind had blown hard there where a few drops of sugar water on the side of the RV left over from having the Humming feeder out and the and the bees where still coming, so I had to find and clean all the sugar spots. 21 more words


CI Boot Camp Beyond Tools and Techniques

(this is also featured at LinkedIn’s Pulse)

You’ve probably also noticed numerous discussions in the various communities that all ask the same basic question: why do our ______efforts fail? 494 more words

Continuous Improvement

'Management by results'...how does that work?!

The CEO of the company I work for recently shared a tweet with us summing up an insight she gained at a recent engagement she attended, which read as follows: 412 more words

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A Pleasant Surprise

“That one looks good”, I say to hubby as I point to the campsite.  “Are you sure you don’t want me to drive around the loop?”, he questions.  400 more words