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Chapter One - Let's Talk about My Identities

Identity can be a weird thing, and I think I’m probably a little stranger than most when it comes to some of this stuff. But I’m going to attempt to give a complete description of how I got to where I am today, and how I came to understand some of my various identities, specifically ones relating to gender and sexuality (though a few other identities are mentioned). 2,411 more words

Bullying (A Bit of a Rant)

I’ll never understand how people can just sit by and watch bullying happen.

How is it that someone can be ridiculed, beaten, completely disrespected, and yet people have the nerve to just walk on by, because “It’s none of their business”? 612 more words


'Demisexual' & Labels I

Right, so I just came across the word Demisexual in the Urban Dictionary by accident  and admittedly I had no idea that such a word even existed. 950 more words


The 60-year-old female virgin

I haven’t posted a single thing in a week, that is because I was having an existential crisis, mainly about sex.
You see, I’ve reached to the conclusion (yes, it took me this long to realise) that most people are not to trust, so why would I trust anyone with my love when I could have sex-no-strings attached. 198 more words

Seuls Quelques-uns Peuvent Me Débloquer

I am a locked door
And I’m fine with it
I’ll be closed till
Someone comes
And opens me
Who has the key?
I do not know… 21 more words



Hello Friend,

So I’m 16. I was born as, and identify primarily as female. And it’s been a weird road for me discovering my sexuality. A friend asked me the other day if I was Ace. 381 more words

Letters To You

Well, Uh, Hey.


My legal name is not Luce, but, when I get to the correct age, I plan on switching it to Luce (mostly because Luce is a fairly gender-fluid name.) 397 more words