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Am I Asexual?

Well, probably not, but I’m starting to wonder whether I might fall somewhere on the asexuality spectrum. As I joked in one panel, “I think I have the gender thing figured out, so why not be confused about my sexual orientation now?” For me, the sticking point in the definition of asexuality is the meaning of “sexual attraction.” If asexual means not sexually attracted to others, and grey-A roughly means not very sexually attracted to others, or only in certain ways, then it’s important to know what sexual attraction actually is. 239 more words


I was bored...

And decided to take the asexual quiz, not really caring about my results. I answer the questions as honestly as possible, but find some of them annoying. 126 more words


"A stands for Ally"

It has come to my attention that many people in the LGBTQA community struggle with all the letters in the acronym so if you are one of those people you are about to get educated because all the letters are very important. 1,167 more words


On Being Invisibly Demisexual

purpleandgrey, 28, female, United States

For the past few years, my story has primarily been about being invisibly ace. I’m a cisgender demisexual woman in a committed relationship with a cisgender sexual man. 417 more words

Discovering I'm a Bit More Different than I Originally Thought

Samantha, 17, United States

My discovery of my sexuality began in middle school, but I never could identify exactly what I was until very recently. I always got emotionally attached to friends, earning the title of the sap of the group. 743 more words

Stiff Upper Lip

Dear Mallory,

Today, I thought I saw you. My heart skipped a beat. It felt like I was about to crash my car into your existence and at that moment I wanted to call out “hello” in my excitement and horror. 482 more words


Asexuality and related identities

This isnt about or directed any particular person or user, but about posts on and off tumblr, personal experience, and people i have known. I don’t care if people are asexual, experience no sexual attraction, choose to never have sex, or any combination of the above. 1,926 more words