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Dating While Asexual

Daunting. Positively daunting.

As some readers will know, I’m in a relationship that’s basically a marriage minus the paperwork. We’re seven years strong and things are super. 1,146 more words


National Coming Out Day


Today is National Coming Out Day, so I’d like to express my love and support for all those struggling with – or embracing! – their gender and/or sexual identities, and tell you all about my own struggle with self identity. 464 more words

Life-Defining Moments

The Invisible Identities


That acronym covers everything, right? Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Or, those are the only REAL ones, right? I mean, everyone under the + just has “special snowflake syndrome” and wants to be different from everyone else. 3,112 more words


Let's Talk About Bodies.


SELF LOVE. Oil, 2014.

COLLARED. Oil, 2014.

So hey, hi guys, I’m Naia, I have an artist website, finally!

Okay great intro I feel like I totally know you now let’s launch straight into personal things. 712 more words


Can hormones change my sexual orientation?

This was a huge reservation for me, before I started testosterone.  I had read enough personal accounts and spoken to enough friends that I had this somewhat common narrative in my mind:  someone who is FTM was primarily attracted to women before starting hormones.  979 more words


Sex Facts 101

Time to get away from the norm and try something new. A lot of articles and posts are just about facts that (hopefully) we all know already, and stuff about telling people how to think, what to do, and how to act. 277 more words


But Hope? Are YOU a Feminist?

Why yes, I am, No One. And here’s why.

  • I am a feminist because I can’t walk to class without some dude checking out my butt.
  • 544 more words
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