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07/03/2014 Update

Hey guys! Since I figured this blog would be more easily navigable through Page organization, I decided to post the tags in my updates, like this one. 256 more words


What they do not want you to know about ETs and the Alien Agenda

Hello Everyone,

If you know what to look for, you can easily note an increasing level of ETs and the UFO phenomenon being presented on a mass scale in recent times. 10,379 more words


Plato and the Origin of Evil

One of the main questions I have been wrestling with for the past year is the source of evil. It is a mysterious wonder that we exist, that there is something rather than nothing. 786 more words


'gnostic terror aeon' - a piece of goddamn fanfiction

I think he’s gone, at least I hope so. Haven’t heard anything for a few minutes, and god knows his attention span isn’t long enough to justify a prolonged search. 1,050 more words

The Quintessence - Origins

The most ancient writings of the Illuminati say that the Order was founded by the Illuminators – the Phosters – sent by Abraxas, the True God, to counteract the malignant influence of the archons of the Demiurge, and to provide humanity with a means of escape from the Demiurge’s dark and dismal clutches. 259 more words

Spirtuality And Religion

Meditations on the Tao: #57


You govern a kingdom by normal rules; You fight a war by exceptional moves; But you win the world by letting alone.

How do I know that this is so? 

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