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Marvel Puzzle Quest’s road to the mythical $1 ARPDAU, Part 2: Cover-store overhaul

Albert Reed is the CEO and cofounder of Demiurge Studios. Follow the entire series here.

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, players can spend their in-game hard currency on “Covers.” Covers work much like cards in a card-battling game. 471 more words


We Are The Architect Of Our Reality

Who is this architect?

It is the being who created the universe that we are inside of. You are no different to that being. You are equal to that being. 2,710 more words

Galactic News

Layers Flow

Interested, interesting

What I find in my mind.

Constant questing, never ending

Seeks to bridge the soul divide.

Freed from greed unleashed desire,

Meditation take us higher; 79 more words


Two Types of Religion

Debates about religion in the West tend to center around the three monotheistic religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  However, it is important to note that these three religions are not necessarily typical or representative of religion in general. 1,302 more words



Is it over. What is over? Is it the end  of a certain event, or the finale of them. Many things which say they have ended haven’t really, its a continuous lie. 46 more words


Stephen T. Davis on Objections to the Cosmological Argument

I have been thinking a lot about the cosmological argument lately, in part because I am currently teaching it in my Introduction to Philosophy class and also because of some recent discussions at the… 2,036 more words