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30 Days of Gratitude... Day Four - Choice can be a bitch, sometimes

Good morning, Mother Earth :-)

For inspiration for today’s blog, I cracked the Book of Gratitude open to a random page and decided what the Fates might want me to talk about with you. 1,024 more words

Silver Surfer v2 Annual #2e (August 1989)

Marvel Number: ADT0004

Writer: Peter Sanderson

Artist: Mark Bagley

Synopsis: At the creation of Earth Demiurge seeds Earth with life and the Elder Gods, Gaea, Chthon, Set are created. 116 more words

What is Embodiment # 78: The Guardian

There is no authority over you, not even the authority of God.

You can give authority to others—gurus, mentors, gods and muses. You can act in ways you think will gain their approval. 69 more words