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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: There is a need for" News".

Dear followers:

The next step for me, is helping you “read the news”, without having to “graze” for it, like I do.  There is a real need to present the news, as it occurs, for your consideration and education.  398 more words

# Financial Times


It seems to be true, if you are Black or Hispanic, you have been brought up with a different set of rules.  I have known friends and employees who were brought up to keep a low profile in Public.  788 more words

Financial Reform

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Ressurection of The Middle Class

The money trap:

There is no Middle Class and folks seem to be comfortable with this fact. Can there ever be a Middle Class again? The short answer is , “Yes”, if ” we the People” become involved in controlling our destiny? 1,206 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Plague by Camus ( an allegory for our time)!

When the Recession first hit, people were very upset: they had lost their homes, their jobs, their dignity. There were cries for Bankers to be jailed for fraud, there were cries for financial and tax reforms, there were even cries for the “removal “of selected Supreme Court justices. 778 more words

Financial Reform

Democracy 3

Democracy 3 is a political/government simulator that positions you as the leader of a democratic country. More specifically, you may choose to rule over the UK, France, Germany, the USA, Canada, or Australia. 410 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: " Write in" your candidate and Vote your choice. Play to "WIN".

I’ve been thinking about the midterm elections and other elections in our Country.   I have questions about our current system of voting?  Where is it written , ” we the People”, have to Vote for only the candidates listed on the ballot:  those Politicians named and supported only by their Parties?  397 more words

Politics Effects Us