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Poll Results: Private Reform or Public Reform for Health Insurance?

This morning as I woke I went to the polls yet again this time asking a question about health insurance reform. I chose to ask a simple question that would provide a yes or no answer thus keeping the results simple. 266 more words

Sit Down Sarah, The Grown-Ups Are Talking

Sarah Palin’s sole contribution to U.S. politics has been to help a small percentage of disgruntled, old white men attempt to redefine our public elections as acts of war. 135 more words

Sarah Palin

Reality Is Immutable, But Can Be Very Well Disguised

As these turbulent days and weeks transpire it is hard to understand what is really going on and who really is playing the game. The amount of disinformation floating on the “net” is tsunami portions. 689 more words

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Poster cub for anti-democratic TPP

The power elite is pulling out all the stops to convince the public to support the anti-democratic Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. The latest technique is to emphasize a provision in the corporate governance agreement that would reduce wildlife trafficking, as reported in a gruesome story this morning on NPR. 162 more words

Syriza and the Independent Greeks: a Kremlin connection?

Make no mistake: Syriza’s victory is an inspiring moment for the working class of Greece and the left throughout Europe and beyond. Shiraz Socialist is not about to join the bleating chorus of sectarians, Stalinists and other defeatists who have already begun predicting a sell-out by the new government. 1,092 more words

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Three New Egyptian Political Parties Accepted

 The State Council

The Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court, agreed to establish three new political parties in Egypt, after objection was submitted by the Committee of Political Affairs. 35 more words