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' Comparing Two Areas of the Political Landscape Islamic State and Scottish Independence '

#AceNewsServices (Opinion)- September 17 – The British political elite has lately felt obliged to combat contingencies on two fronts. It’s not quite certain about how to proceed against the so-called Islamic State. 276 more words


On the eve of a moment in History.

Don’t worry this isn’t a pro independence or even a pro-Union post. I decided a long time ago not to discuss my views publicly. In fact to this day I have only discussed my own voting intentions with the Boyo, my sister and my Mum. 460 more words

Mariam Mokhtar's Take on Mahathir and The Malays

September 17, 2014

Mariam Mokhtar’s Take on Mahathir and The Malays

by Mariam Mokhtar@www.malaysiakini.com

The Malays will be around, with or without UMNO Baru, but the converse does not hold true. 1,022 more words


JK Rowling fights Scotland's Independence

JK Rowling has donated £1 million ($1.63 million) to the “Better Together” campaign that opposes Scottish Independence.  In an article by CNN Money this morning we see that JKR tipped the scale from practically even at about $3 million to give a 50% budget advantage to blocking independence.   287 more words

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Scotland: A triumph of democracy either way

Something wonderful is happening in Scotland tomorrow. As referendum fever kicks in, a nation will decide its future. Whether the electorate opt to leave the United Kingdom or to stay, one thing is for sure; they will turn out in their masses. 173 more words


Having it both ways

At this moment America is at peace with the world, yet with careful political engineering we live in a state of perpetual war. This is only possible due no longer calling wars and acts of war, war, instead they are labeled as counter-terrorism operations, or some other sanitized name. 2,128 more words