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Blog Comment: On Thailand! Keep Passing the Buck? or The Buck Stops Here?

If you read Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International, there is no getting away from it, Thailand is turning into a North Korea, worse even than China, with a modern vibrant, “Western-Like, economy. 661 more words


"A very dangerous sign for me..."

Slavoj Zizek wrote that in 2005 just prior to the election a popular BBC talk show sponsored a “who is the most hated person in Britain” contest. 84 more words

£4.5 million to be poured into the black hole of Aldershot

Aldershot is to receive £4.5 million investment. Three million external funding, one and a half million from the local council. ‘Investment’ is to stretch the meaning to breaking point, in reality, squandering of public money. 2,042 more words


Seeing What's in Front of Your Nose

I’m not much of a world traveler although I always enjoy new places once I get there. I feel sufficiently challenged, though, just trying to see what is in front of me and delving into meanings. 228 more words

HPP Exclusive: Rachael Farrington - Why I Created 'Voting Counts'

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In an exclusive article for housepartypolitics, Rachael Farrington explains why she created the website Voting Counts.  She also talks about attention from the press, endorsement from a Lib Dem Peer and worldwide appeal.   794 more words