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Democracy and its Discontents

The enormity of democratic franchise currently underway in India has been touched upon in the media recently. I was intrigued too, and took to “the internets” to find out more. 370 more words


The late Karpal Singh - A true Malaysian hero

Malaysia has lost an incredible patriot, a legend and true national hero. All his life, he fought for a Malaysia based on justice, freedom and equality. 735 more words


Not a Democracy: Americans have little influence on policy

Not a Democracy: Americans have little influence on policy

“…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” 163 more words

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The Old Road

Many people have been discussing Thomas Piketty’s book Capital In The 21st Century lately. As they should. It is a very important contribution to the fight against economic inequality. 431 more words



The use of language to create visual spectres is an effective approach for politicians, their supporters, and allied interest groups to develop a narrative that can become the media narrative. 1,039 more words


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Identical to the politics in the states

Neil Clark: I'm Confused, Can Anyone Help Me?

I’m confused. A few weeks ago we were told in the West that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine was a very good thing. These people, we were told by our political leaders and elite media commentators, were ‘pro-democracy protestors’. 985 more words

War & Terror

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You can find Neil Clark's article and blog here:  Neil Clark