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Democrat lies pulled out of their butts that people swallowed whole

Democrats perpetuate numerous frauds on the American people that have no basis in reality from defaming the TEA Party as the KKK, the Republican War on Women, to the “hands up, don’t shoot” Michael Brown.   1,336 more words

Obama's Legacy

Enabling The Delusional Democrats

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~

After the 2012 campaign, liberal journalists swarmed around Republican Party chair Reince Priebus offering what was called an “autopsy” on every way Republicans failed, with a special emphasis on more outreach to minority voters. 669 more words

Public Opinion

Why Vote?

By Alan Caruba ~

Every election is “the most important” for the simple reason that it has the potential of making our lives better or worse. 875 more words

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