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Clip from the Past: Ellen McCormack for President

In 1976, a housewife from New York, Ellen McCormack ran for President.  In 18 states, her name appeared on primary election ballots as a Democrat.  Her platform was strictly based on a pro-life approach to the issue of abortion.   59 more words

General Political Science

Healthcare 2003 Budget The Same As 2015 Budget: Ebola's A Wake-Up Call

Ebola is showing us how Washington’s disease prevention cuts were just too much: 70 percent plus of healthcare spending is “used for preventable diseases.” We have been in a rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul downward spiral for close to a decade and a half.   665 more words


Hillary Clinton Warns Democrats Against Complacency At San Francisco Fundraiser

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Hillary Rodham Clinton is urging Democratic voters not to be complacent about the November midterm elections, saying working women and their families will lose out on a better future if Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress. 197 more words


Of The People

My history professor asks “If you could go to any time period, what would it be?” After thinking about it I answered “to talk with the founding fathers”, but not just out of curiosity. 322 more words


Obama is a Pox Upon Election Hopes of Desperate Dems

By Donn Marten
October 20, 2014

The downward spiral for Barack Obama, man of hope and change continues and Democrats are about to be sucked under by the vortex. 711 more words