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Warren on Trans-Pacific Partnership: If people knew what was going on, they would stop it | The Raw Story

4742 Senator Elizabeth Warren D-MA on Wednesday voiced her opposition to President Barack Obama’s top international trade nominee because of a secretive free trade agreement.“I am deeply concerned about the transparency record of the U.S. 96 more words


Democratic Party Asks Chicago To Bid For 2016 Convention

CHICAGO (CBS) – Democratic Party leaders have asked Chicago and 14 other cities – including Detroit and Indianapolis – to submit bids to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. 245 more words


Ukraine and the Obama Foreign Policy

Though I can’t claim to be an expert by any means, I have spent some time on the ground in Eastern Europe, most recently at New Year in 2011-12. 2,116 more words

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Las Vegas On Dem's List Too

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democratic National Committee has asked Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and 12 others to make a pitch to host the presidential nominating convention in 2016. 105 more words


Why Economist Thomas Piketty Has Scared the Pants Off the American Right | Alternet

Thomas Piketty is no radical. His 700-page book Capital in the 21st Century is certainly not some kind of screed filled with calls for class warfare. 154 more words

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Supreme Choice

The Supreme Court will hear today “American Broadcasting Companies versus Aereo”. News reports claim the Supreme Court decision could change the way we watch TV. Hmmm. 509 more words