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Something More To Worry About

There is no doubt that ISIS represents one the worst movements in the world today.  The only question is whether ISIS is more or less diabolical than Muarmar Kadaffi or Saddam Hussein were? 575 more words


Former Republican Mayoral Candidate Sam Katz Weighs In On Likely Candidates Running For Mayor

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former Republican Mayoral candidate Sam Katz says although it’s not likely, he isn’t ruling out a run as an independent candidate next year. 276 more words


Boehner - Does He Mean What He Says?

The immediate aftermath of President Obama’s announced immigration reform changes has boggled the minds of any logic driven person. John Boehner has been particularly indignant in his criticism, almost to the point of stammering. 401 more words


Democrats Going Down Long Slide

The Democratic Party is on a long slide downward, and you could say it all began on November 6, 2012 when President Barack Obama was reelected in a big surprise to about half of the country.   748 more words

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The South Shall Rise Again – If We Fight For It

In contrast to many of my friends and colleagues, I was far from disconsolate immediately following the elections earlier this month. There is no shame, I figured, in losing an election from time to time, and, quite often, outside forces – macroeconomic factors, events in foreign countries, unforeseen domestic occurrences, etc. 1,030 more words


Back to the Blog

Wow, it feels good to be back.

I haven’t stopped blogging because of disinterest, or laziness (in spite of the title of this blog), but because of life.   364 more words