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Stop Focusing On Ferguson Riots And Watch Out For Obama’s Bullshit

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Published on Aug 19, 2014

Stop Focusing On Ferguson Riots And Watch Out For Obama’s Bullshit

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President Obama

Holder's Trip To Ferguson: 'How To Keep Racism, Unrest, Injustice And The Left's Agenda Moving Forward'

To reassure the people of Ferguson, Attorney General Eric Holder reached into his own past, recalling the times he had been stopped by police officers who seemed to target him because of his race.

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Democrat Cities are dangerous places to live.






He is laid back, looks equally intelligent, and appears to have what Obama lacks   

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Voting: the Best Protest

Some Americans actually feel that they are more American than others.  When those other Americans get wind of that notion, they often blow off being productive, engaged members of society and live as part of a sub or counter culture.  248 more words


History repeats itself...

…right in front

of your eyes!

Pay attention to what people say, they mean it. They might backtrack, sidestep, shuffle, dazzle you with footwork, and plain out lie about what they said. 7 more words


Empathic Paupers

The one percent
aren’t like the rest of us they
don’t care
about the hopes and dreams
of the little people

For them life
is all about the bottom line… 53 more words