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Re: I Noticed You Signed The President's Birthday Card, but...

Dear Jordan,

Since the Republicans decided to sue President Obama (an act, by the way, which is infuriating me more than anything that has occurred in politics since the Supreme Court granted W the presidency in 2000), I have received – wait, let me count them – 36 emails asking me to donate to the Democrats. 1,013 more words


John Boehner dragging GOP down with sore loser lawsuit

Kim Jong-un (Supreme leader of North Korea), Boko Haram (violent militant group in Nigeria) and their ilk cause people around the world to shudder at their atrocities.  118 more words


Will Republicans Impeach Barack Obama?

No, though you might be forgiven for thinking otherwise. A few congressional Republicans had attacks of the stupids (quelle surprise) and decided to intimate that impeachment may be in the cards. 161 more words

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Has No Idea Whose Policies Are Killing the Coal Industry

MSNBC host Chris Hayes is concerned about American coal miners who are struggling to make a living.

Isn’t that nice of him?

Spent morning w coal miner who worked in the mines 30 yrs,making 100k.

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