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Government Budget Cuts Are Hitting 'Red' States Hardest, Say Analysts

Recent governmental budget cuts have not been distributed evenly with slashed spending hitting pro-Republican states the hardest, according to new analysis by Reuters.

Funding for a range of discretionary grant programs has fallen 40% in Republican states compared to a drop of only 25% in swing states or states that tend to support the Democrats, claims the news agency. 56 more words

Boehner Tells Caucus That He Intends To File Immigration Lawsuit

House Speaker John Boehner announced Tuesday plans to pursue legal action against the Obama administration in order to challenge President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration. 479 more words

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The Beginning of Health Insurance

Most Americans are not properly informed on the conversation of health insurance in modern America and are certainly not aware of the rich history that this service has brought to America. 721 more words

Obama's Shrinking Federal Deficit Myth Is Nothing More Than A Ploy To Increase Spending

Democrats are lauding the recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report which shows the federal deficit has shrunk from last year’s level of $483 billion to $468 billion for the current fiscal year.  771 more words


Silver Must Resign

Days after he was placed in handcuffs and led into a courtroom, Sheldon Silver agreed to step aside temporarily as speaker of the state Assembly. You now know everything you need to know about the ethical and moral rot that has taken over Albany. 758 more words

Do Black Americans Care about the State of the Union Address?

President Obama gave his sixth State of the Union address, and only 31.7 million Americans watched the speech on television. This was the lowest number on record according to Nielsen, and the Obama administration is trying to increase that number of viewers on 12 networks. 544 more words

Buried in amendments, Keystone XL languishes in U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON — A vote on the $8-billion US Keystone XL pipeline project is languishing on the Senate floor as lawmakers have turned the oilsands pipeline into a magnet for dozens of amendments that reflect many of the major issues dividing Republicans and Democrats. 453 more words