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Don't Vote

It all begins in middle school. Your first election year. “I want you to become an active member of our society,” our enthusiastic 20-something English teacher will say passionately. 1,567 more words


#SavetheSENATE: Operation Vote Techie!

Dear colleagues,

By now, you may have heard the predictions about the Senate being all but lost next Tuesday, Nov. 4th.  But the fact is…there are more Democrats than Republicans.  691 more words


Will Ebola and ISIS Lose News Value Next Wednesday?

Not much news leaks through the media bulwark of Ebola and ISIS but we assume the earth proceeds even without our attention. Russia is still trying to mug Ukraine, Hong Kong is still trying to wrest some freedom from China, the E.U. 438 more words


New James O’Keefe Video Exposes Voter Fraud in North Carolina

If you have time, read Allahpundit’s full post on this subject. If not, at least watch the video.

If you still think voter fraud is no big deal, check in with… 57 more words


Baseline Budgeting; Washington's Bait and Switch

The beginning of the article gives you some background on how we came to have our current budget process, leading up to the advent of baseline budgeting. 744 more words


McConnell Ahead in Kentucky

SurveyUSA is out with a new poll in Kentucky that finds Senator Mitch McConnell with his largest lead yet on challenger Alison Grimes in the race for U.S Senate, 48% to 43%. 360 more words