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All Lib Dems must campaign for a Federal UK

By Ross Finnie, Wed 21st March 2012

I have always supported Home Rule, involving a new constitutional settlement giving equal status to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and thereafter each nation would promote what each considered to be the most appropriate governance arrangements within a federal state. 558 more words


UK should adopt a federal system, with regional parliaments, in event of a No vote in independence referendum, say Lib Dems

THE UK should adopt a federal system, with regional and national parliaments and assemblies across the country, in the event of a No vote in the independence referendum, according to a “home rule” commission. 531 more words


A Survival Plan for the GOP

By Burt Prelutsky~

Although England has its own problems, there are things about their political system that I’d like us to adopt. First of all, I wish we, too, had a clear delineation between the royal family and the world of politics. 1,067 more words


Immigrants' Chances Tied To Their State's Policies

PHOENIX (AP) — If Christian Avila lived a few hundred miles to the west, he would have a driver’s license and qualify for in-state college tuition and a host of other opportunities available to young people granted legal status by President Barack Obama two years ago. 872 more words


Inside Hillary Clinton's crazy $300,000 speech demands

The concert rider has long been a temple of strange requests from famous people. From obscure soaps, to specifically lit dressing rooms, the demands of the rich and famous often make the common man look downright benign. 231 more words


Only Hypocrites Think Cigarette's Are Bad Not Pot

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, But Only Hypocrites Are Never Wrong. 
Nov. 28th 2014

Hypocrites are never wrong about any thing, they only follow other hypocrites who think… 812 more words


Democrats Don't Fall in Line

I’m sure that Hillary, her people and the Democratic and the Wall Street establishment perhaps more importantly, know the old maxim that, “Republicans fall in line and Democrats fall in love.” It was Obama who spoiled her coronation last time. 62 more words

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