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Corrupt Democrat Machine Calls Voter ID "Racist"

By Tom McLaughlin ~

“Vote early and often for Curley,” was a lyric from one of Democrat Mayor, Congressman, and Governor James Michael Curley’s campaign songs I heard often while growing up a Boston-Irish-Catholic-Democrat in the 1950s. 834 more words

Public Opinion

Matters Hillary

-This womyn is about to become a Grandmother:

Poor kid.

But I wish the child and Mother well and hope that Chelsea’s pregnancy is untroubled. 472 more words

Stacy McCain



What happens to the overall national citizenry and then onward, involving the entire world when a wealthy, innovative, and industrialized nation loses all concepts of the morals and values that were largely responsible for it to aspire to such a world leader? 994 more words

Special Interest Groups

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Not a fan of Glenn Beck….


Harry Reid…Who has hurt American’s more then Reid?

And he calls Bundy supporters terrorists?

That is damn laughable coming from that crooked SOB. 112 more words

1st Amendment

And the "racist military" smear continues.

All thorough out Hollywood and the media’s depiction of the military, we’re shown a bunch of mooks beacuse the military is teh evilz!

Part of this meme is that the US military is/has/trains/recruits rabid racists. 549 more words

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