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The Democratic Autopsy

Since the election I have had the opinion that the Dems are in deep trouble unless they make an immediate course correction.  I am not encouraged that besides Elizabeth Warren the choices to lead the party to the next elections are either the same ones we had over the past few, in the case of Tester they picked the wrong guy for the times.   423 more words


No compromises with the enemy..

To compromise today with Democrats and some Republicans afraid of principled positions is to appease them all. It is to say “We can live with the present circumstances. 312 more words


Obama And Democrats' Race Baiting In Ferguson

Welcome to another incident in Obama’s “post-racial” America, where race riots have been fanned up exclusively to get support for the racial grievance arm of the liberal political sector and distract from the very real solutions to Democrat-caused problems that conservatives are bringing up. 279 more words


OBAMA: Voters Will Want A ‘New Car Smell’ In 2016

O: “You know, when you’ve been president for six years, you’ve got some dings”

President Barack Obama suggested in a Sunday interview that voters have grown a little tired of his presidency and will want a newer, fresher candidate to succeed him. 91 more words


Skewered! ‘SNL’ uses ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ parody in damning indictment of amnesty by executive order

Saturday Night Live” used a spoof of the old “Schoolhouse Rock” cartoons to skewer President Obama’s executive order legalizing millions of illegal immigrants Thursday for the power grab that it was. 12 more words