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Millennials in Suburbia

Yep, and they prefer it, as this article from New Geography notes.

An excerpt.

The latest survey data on the living preferences of the Millennial generation (born 1982-2003) once again validates the picture of a cohort that, contrary to urban legend, actually prefers the suburbs, even as they prepare to shape the suburbs in their own image. 350 more words


Must-reading for labor research

Private school teachers are paid an average of 83% of what public school teachers are paid, according to an analysis of data pertaining to 56,531 teachers by economists Sylvia A. 182 more words


TV Shows Of Choice ... By Political Stripe

New Charts Are A Treasure Trove Of Info On What Shows Democrats And Republicans Love To Watch


” There are only 35 days until Election Day, and candidates across the country are racing to reach their voters and make a connection before they enter the voting booth.

118 more words

Eight charts that put tech companies’ diversity stats into perspective

In recent months, there’s been a spaten
of tech companies publishing their staff demographics. We’ve taken the liberty of turning all of them into pie charts — for gender — and bar graphs — for ethnicity — for easy comparison.


Social Media: Good or Bad for Relationships

Social media usage is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere and I think that communications among people are going to happen more and more through social media websites (and tools). 529 more words


Inequality in New York City is equivalent to Swaziland

I’m from New York City. To be more specific, I’m from the Upper East Side. It’s a mostly affluent area. My zip code growing up was 10128, which always makes those “richest zip codes in the United States” lists; in fact, … 555 more words

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