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Happy Are Those Called To His Supper

Gwen’s Love Potion Inc

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President! I just broke the code of Boston Strong! The two youth that were at the marathon! 985 more words

Black Mass

The EU wants to legalise pedophilia

This issue is much more important than it seems at first sight, and similar tendencies in other countries suggest that they all have a common origin : The EU. 964 more words


Pushing Against The Surveillance Innocent Muslims

The NYPD announced yesterday that it was closing it’s “Demographic Unit.”

If you don’t know about this task force, it was first reported by the AP in 2011… 86 more words

Poll on Drought

This poll, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is interesting, showing a solid support for more water storage.

An excerpt.

Californians agree their state is parched, but they diverge by region on how supplies dried up and what should be done about the drought. 187 more words