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Twitter knows if you're male or female, which is only the beginning for targeted ads

Conventional wisdom says that Facebook is better for advertisers than Twitter. After all, Zuckerberg’s billion-strong user base willingly gives up a host of data points upon signing up, from gender to job to age. 602 more words


US Stock Market Valuation

Firstly, trailing 12m p/e valuation. This chart clearly shows this measure is a rather useless tool, and can be disregarded:

Source: D Short

Secondly, forward p/e (12m) valuation. 818 more words


Vanity thought #1111 - another unique number

Numerologist in me gets all uncomfortable if unique post numbers such as this one do not get immediate attention. So there, my tribute to numerology – this number, 1111, is truly unique, it will never come up again, just as 1110 before it and 1112 that will come tomorrow. 1,308 more words


Conclusions: How can my Data be used to Inform PR Practice?

How can my data be used to inform PR practice?

There are two main conclusions which can be drawn definitively from the study. The first is that online content and print content are packaged differently ( 1,690 more words


Vanity thought #1110. Python's grip

I’ve been thinking about different ways the world is going to screw itself and among several big ones I thought it would be nice to discuss demographics. 1,445 more words


Thematic Investing

I hope you got away from the heat during the Summer and that you have returned refreshed and ready for work. This week I am looking at thematic investment. 336 more words

Stuart Porter

Thinking Aloud: For Queen or Caliphate?

Aug. 27, 2014 by Darius 

People beheading other people don’t normally have a British accent anymore.  The ISIS fighter who beheaded American journalist James Foley did, though, and that stirred up a lot of controversy.  266 more words

Thinking Aloud