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Demographics and the Market

Suddenly various commentators — the usual suspects — have raised dire warnings about market prospects. They fear that the retirement of the large baby-boom generation will force selling and drive down prices. 884 more words

Growing Old Together

Instead of boring my readers with pictures of demographic pyramids turned upside-down, or horrifying everyone with damning statistics on why Social Security is the largest government-sanctioned Ponzi scheme ever, let’s look at some of the unintended consequences of aging populations worldwide: 649 more words

A Word or Two About Love

Please add a comment and with it your own word or two definition of love.



a totally inadequate word

for this passion that rages… 96 more words


Happy Are Those Called To His Supper

Gwen’s Love Potion Inc

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President! I just broke the code of Boston Strong! The two youth that were at the marathon! 985 more words

Military Defense

The EU wants to legalise pedophilia

This issue is much more important than it seems at first sight, and similar tendencies in other countries suggest that they all have a common origin : The EU. 964 more words