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ASC Presentation on Demographic Arrest Prevalence Patterns

I gave this talk at the American Society of Criminology (ASC) meeting on 11/20/2013. It summarizes some of the key findings from our 2014 Crime & Delinquency… 17 more words

Arrest Prevalence

News Coverage -- Demographic Patterns of Arrest Experiences

Here is some news coverage of a paper written by Shawn Bushway, Ray Paternoster, Michael G. Turner, and me which looked at the cumulative prevalence of arrest by ages 18 and 23 among different race and sex groups in the United States. 42 more words

News Coverage

Competing Narratives in Ukraine

The conflict narratives prevailing in eastern Ukraine obscure the likely “ground truth” at the center of the conflict. Russia’s and Ukraine’s press releases and official commentary are political statements; statements that contain elements of truth bent towards justifying (or legitimizing) certain political actions. 607 more words

Human Geography

How many WWII war brides are still living?

Maybe a couple thousand.

Someone should do some new interviews with the World War II “war brides,” because there aren’t very many still living.

I count 1,195 still married and living with their husbands. 356 more words


"Middle Eastern Christians? Who cares?"

Most people outside the Middle East do not realize there are Middle Eastern Christians.  Oh sure, there are Christians in the Middle East, at least some Western diplomats who might be Christians, or aid workers, or perhaps even missionaries, but they are Christian… 369 more words


Taking candy from a baby?

A front-page article in last weekend’s Australian Financial Review spoke darkly of the federal government’s budget preparations ‘pitting one generation against another.’

A tired locution, no doubt, but has the claim any substance, or is it mere journalistic inflation? 1,819 more words


Unvaccinated infants act as 'kindling' to fuel epidemics

ANN ARBOR—Nearly 4 million children under 5 die from vaccine-preventable diseases worldwide each year, and two University of Michigan doctoral ecology students are working to change that. 501 more words

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