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February: the shortest month of the year? – The best on EPRS blog

If by chance you are a woman interested in politics and living in a city, February on our blog was surely your favourite month this year! 526 more words


Marriage, divorce, remarriage, age, education (Coontz tabs edition)

Stephanie Coontz has an excellent Op-Ed on the front of today’s New York Times Sunday Review, which draws out the implications for family instability of the connection between increasing gender equality on the one hand, and increasing economic inequality and insecurity on the other. 134 more words

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Demographic ageing and what it actually means

Ageing may mean several different things. I thought I’d write a short memo to describe what it means when someone says that societies are demographically ageing. 438 more words

A fatal custom: India's gendered demographic

`Better 500 rupees today than 500,000 rupees tomorrow’ extolled a 1980s advert for India’s sex determination clinics, which parents visit in hope their baby is a boy. 1,174 more words

Border fences make unequal neighbors

There is one similarity between the Israel/Gaza crisis and the U.S. unaccompanied child immigrant crisis: National borders enforcing social inequality. When unequal populations are separated, the disparity creates social pressure at the border. 471 more words

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Half the world’s population lives in six countries

More than 7.2 billion people exist in the world today with half the global population residing in just six countries, United Nations data show.

China and India have some of the biggest populations with more than 1 billion people each. 106 more words

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