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Throwback Thursday: Demolition Man (1993)

A friend and I have been discussing recently how few “good/bad” movies are being made these days. The kind of films that are clearly lacking in what makes for a typically good film while still having something that makes them unmistakably enjoyable. 503 more words

Ollie Drew

Stallone Zone: The Sylvester Stallone Movie Marathon

Stallone Zone is a tough guy movie marathon of all Sylvester Stallone films that ran at Alamo Drafthouse this May. Much like the Nicolas Cage marathon, Caged, that ran last year, these marathons run 4 films back to back with 15 minute breaks in between for bathroom breaks and prize giveaways. 980 more words

Absurd Cinema

Don't Put Bread in the Transporter

For all you TF2 fans, Valve created another little video more like a mini-movie and you get introduced to a new character


PEOPLE: An E-Mail from Doug Watson

I had contacted pinball artist Doug Watson earlier in the week to see if he would be interested in participating in an email interview about his time working in the pinball industry. 1,073 more words


day #28

Didn’t every kid do this? Sing along, head waggling side to side like a plastic pup on the back dash of a volkswagen?

They wanted to ban adverts aimed at kids, candy, toys, Christmas, like it was the devils work. 36 more words

Julius Pepperwood