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Entry Eighteen: March 11th, 2014


I’m on my way home for a little. My hand writing will be sloppy because I’m in a car, so sorry future reader.

“Dashboard” by Modest Mouse is playing and I was reminded about the beginning of college. 374 more words


24th Installment of La Diablesse this Wednesday

Well, well, well, looks like Ian did not get rid of the curse, looks like the La Diablesse. Oh my young doubting friend, looks like you should have believed the old Obeah woman, now here you are being stalked by the phantom woman. 16 more words


Demon Eyes

My new contacts, do I look possessed?


Dawn's Demons

The clock blinked red in the corner of the room, declaring that it was now 4:01 AM.  A time when most people were in bed, but Dawn was not most people.   402 more words


Devil's Due review

Devil’s Due (2014)

Tagline:Fear is born.

Directed by:
Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Tyler Gillett

Produced by:
John Davis

Ruin Time:
89 minutes

January 17, 2014

Review: 323 more words



How many times have I

contemplated running away from 

the misery of this earth 

to me, it just seems like i’m hellbound

this place crushes all my emotions… 55 more words

Short Horror - "The Easter Bunny Is Eating My Candy"

It’s Easter and there’s something terrifying in the house, and it’s not the Easter Bunny… or is it?

Directed by Drew Daywalt and David Schneider