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Chasme Demon

Chasme Demon

Chasmes are merciless demons resembling great flies. They enjoy torturing and tormenting other beings, also demons, especially if they are sure of their impunity. 35 more words

Creatures Of Esperia


24th July

I don’t know how to feel to be honest. The doctor has “upped” my medication dosage. I suppose I feel rather downtrodden. Not really sure what to do with myself. 367 more words

Diam, Keluarlah Daripadanya!

Kebanyakan masyarakat di Indonesia masih percaya dengan kekuatan gelap atau kekuatan setan. Di tempat asal saya, kekuatan jahat ini dikenal dengan sebutan “suanggi”. Masyarakat kami selalu menggambarkan sosok ini sebagai sosok hitam, seram dan selalu membawa kematian. 251 more words


A Little Piece of Me

I feel like everyone has this thing that haunts them, whether it’s an embarrassing experience, an argument, a childhood trauma, or even a feeling. They’re like our “inner-demons”. 507 more words

Hell, Part 2

     Its several miles away, but moving quickly.  A horribly black and gray thick smog emits continuously from the exhaust stack.  I cannot determine how I got here, even when I search my memory.   797 more words

First Person