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Life’s a journey of colors
Constituted by White, Grey and Black
White, grey shared by the day
Undivided the black stay

When the night crawls upon… 122 more words


Demon Technology

Never thought I would see a story about a demon sending text messages, but here IT is.

To recap a Polish Priest has reported that a demon the he had exorcised from a young girl was now sending him threating text message.

Supernatural Collective Nouns

Fuck the sun, spend your evening wallowing in these supernatural collective nouns. My favourites have to be:

An exigency of wendigoes

A degradation of wraiths… 58 more words


The demon in me called Fear

As my heart beat rises, I know he’s at it again…

Slowly pushing me into his dark world where everything takes on a creepier light. I must stay still, I must not breathe, maybe if I try harder, I could even disappear into thin air. 108 more words

"The Damned Busters" by Matthew Hughes (2011)

“The demon’s sudden appearance, along with a puff of malodorous smoke and a short-lived burst of flame, took Chesney Arnstruther by surprise.”

Some books become immediate favourites and capture you so strongly that you breeze through them at an incredible speed. 724 more words

Science Fiction

The Battle for New Millennium Chapter 11: The Dusk of Man

The Battle for New Millennium
Chapter 11: The Dusk of Man

Gabriel Cogs rode alone on a motorcycle to the outskirts of New Millennium City, his mind on Tsu-Kata and what he was going to do if he found her. 3,065 more words


Last night was bad.

Very bad. I came home 3 times and went back. I was in a very bad shape.

I know KB couldnt find me but at the same time, i was too weak to move or even tell him i am there. 1,382 more words