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The Hal Lindsey Report - The Hal Lindsey Report: 8-28-2014

The Hal Lindsey Report – The Hal Lindsey Report: 8-28-2014.

This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’

Some weeks it is more difficult than others to prepare “The Hal Lindsey Report.” This has been one of those weeks. 802 more words

Christian News

Good vs. Evil

In the last several weeks, a lot of press has been given to what is happening in Mosul, Iraq.  Reliable eye-witness and video evidence shows that a radical Islamist group is literally rounding up Christians and killing them because of their faith.   1,223 more words

Is There A Werewolf On The Loose In the Philippines: ‘Werewolf’ Wreaks Havoc On Livestock In Central Philippine Island!

Fears of a Werewolf  stalking on the Island of Sibale in the Philippines has Farmers fearing the night. When the moon is full, the creature comes out and feast on his prey ripping it apart and leaving a carcass in its wake.  271 more words