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Haunted (Original short story by Ryan Stratford and Orlando Chacon)

Leah looked out to her window from her bedside in her bedroom. From the twentieth floor apartment she can see half of New York through that small narrow window. 13,387 more words


A Haunting On Commercial Street

Want more Maris?

If you’re a reader of my series, The Entity, you will recognize the name as belonging to my fictional world’s medium who assists the Maxwells as they try to combat the spirits and evil forces within their farmhouse. 252 more words

The Entity

The Asa Tribe

In some ways the Asa have as much passion for life as the Eshkol do, but their passion centers around health and well being. They are known as the healers of Awan, though not all Asa are healers. 290 more words

Fantasy Fiction

The Eyes Of a Devil

Hello fellow rejects! I have taken it upon myself to discus a topic rather than share the story I said I would present in one part- it is sadly not finished but it has gone off to a good start- so be expecting something awesome. 501 more words


Monster Energy Drinks Are Satanic!!!!!!!

I won’t even try to write an intro. There’s nothing i can say. Just watch.

Added 11/13/14: snopes.com: Monster 666 (snopes.com)


Demons 2 (Lamberto Bava, 1986)

“Looking spectacular on Synapse’s otherwise barebones Blu-ray, Demons 2 trades in its predecessor’s penchant for wall-to-wall gore in favor of surreal shocks and quasi-Cronenbergian craziness.” 26 more words


The Devil's Trail: Chapters 5-6 FINAL

Chapter 5

“We need to get the fuck out of here.” Dan mumbles under his breath as he grabs his back pack lying on the ground next to the destroyed tent. 3,753 more words