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Poem - What I Create

When the silence falls,
Like a rock over the cliff
They come back to me
Thoughts I cannot control
Thoughts I cannot stop.

I fear silence… 173 more words



Summary: A covert team of ‘Sin’ fighters begin to question their own moral standing and religious convictions in a rush to clear the world of an all-consuming darkness. 779 more words


New Version!!! Zombified Look...

A New Version!!! of The We All Have Our Demons To Fight Photo…

It doesn’t matter the concept, just add some zombies and It’s a winning photo.
A zombified look!

- LordJanVonSchwedenJA

Call it what you may...

We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours…some simply revere & embrace those demons more passionately than others…

I may fall under that category.



This one is impressive – isn’t it? I love this fine work, the linings, the smooth surface… Lets just hope that the ghosts don’t like it as much as I do…


Da vinci's Demons Leather Jacket

Da vinci’s Demons Leather Jacket

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Say My Name by Michael Loring

Say My Name is a thrilling short story in the horror vein written by author, Michael Loring.  It was first published in an anthology STALKERS: A Collection of Thriller Stories… 186 more words

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