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Religious peeps


This post is pretty much not for religious people, but what ever, you guys can read it anyway. You will be completely insulted by it if you read it, but pppffffff whatever, who gives a shit. 460 more words

Demonology: Origins and Traits of the Demonic

From my first post in this series we looked at a very brief introduction to the subject of demonology. ┬áIn this post we’ll take a pretty broad overview of demons: their origins and traits. 932 more words

Aliens, Illluminati and the Great Deception: Fringe perspectives on Mainstream Media

In watching television news or any mainstream media broadcast, all viewers take the information and filter it through their own worldview. Viewers may fully accept messages as stated, interpret them as coded messages, view reports as biased, or otherwise take an oppositional stance to their perception of the broadcaster’s meaning. 787 more words


Bullets Don't Have Any Effect on Demons

Humans are humans.

If Ferguson Missouri’s Officer Darren Wilson thought he was defending himself against a demon, he should have been using whatever weapon is popularly known to…. 77 more words

Matthew 15

Jesus’ conversation with the Pharisees here is an attack on their legalistic views. The Pharisees had got so bogged down in obeying the traditions that had sprung up regarding the law that they had missed the point of the law altogether. 210 more words


My.Daily.Distraction ~ Post 36: When My Demons Come Out To Play

There are times
When I find
That it’s easy to accept
The contents of my mind…

Other times
More unkind
The gale force winds
They drive me blind… 87 more words


Jesus is Coming Again Real Soon.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

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L. A. Marzulli

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