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New Podcast: Conferences of St. John Cassian - Conference 8 on Principalities Part II

The group picked up with Abba Serenus’ exposition of the nature and characteristics of demons – the fact that they occupy the airy void between heaven and earth, their hideous appearance, their mutual adversity (which is the result of their having befriended mutually opposed nations on earth), their titles, functions and hierarchy, and their assignment to individual human beings, such that each human being has a personal demon as well as a personal angel.   79 more words

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Conjuring a spin off - Annabelle

A doll possessed by a dead woman and demon threatens a young couple with a newborn baby.

Where as the Conjuring borrowed from many other horrors but stood on its own (the spin off) Annable falls shy, that said Director John R. 161 more words


Practical magick

Among my preparations for my impending move in December, I got a collar and a leash for Sheldon (my cat) – even though he’s a docile cat, I don’t want to take any chances when we go through TSA and I have to take him out of the carrier for inspection.   518 more words


The pirates island

The second part of the 20th chapter

From their talks she gathered that the ocean was full of battleships, which they didn’t dare to attack, and because of their presence, they didn’t dare show themselves at all. 367 more words


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The Devil You Know (Nick Englebrecht #1) – … 37 more words

A Clockwork Vampire