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Supernatural Imagery // One


Many times the devil will try to torment, he will send demons to bug you and insult you and make you feel like nothing. He will try to put out your light. 140 more words

City of Heavenly Fire, A Midway Review

For starters, I have to say that I am loving this book. I love the imagery and scenery of the different dimensions. There’s just so much going on in my mind’s eye for Idris, Edom, and the Faerie Court. 293 more words


In The Mouth Of Darkness (My Emo Vortex)

This a page from My Emo Vortex art book. It is titled In The Mouth Of Darkness. It represents the “evil” aka difficult obstacles. The action is an attempt to overcome. 30 more words



She’s looking into his eyes and she wants something more than the usual.  She’s looking for the thing that she fell in love with all those years ago, she’s looking for something that’s extinct.  412 more words


Review of City of Lost Souls (Cassandra Clare)

*SPOILER alert! Too glad I finished the book, to keep my thoughts from spilling out, so you know the drill…avert your eyes if you want to read if on your own =P* 384 more words

Book Reviews

Swallowing Feminism

“The man behind the bodega counter said, ‘You look like the kinda girl who can swallow, who can make a man forget…” (Marco)

Despite my propensity to explode when I become frustrated with people, I love men and I love being female, but I am tired of things the way they are. 865 more words


Nihil : Vengeance & Sacrifice : A Husband's Love Pt.3

Maefyl had not only recovered quickly. Lucifer had forced a magic into him that was unfamiliar. It worked its way through him in warm heavy waves, weaving violently into him, becoming a part of him. 1,623 more words