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China Dramatizes Similarities Between Xi Jinping and Deng Xiaoping for Anniversary

China’s state propaganda machine is seizing Friday’s 110th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping‘s birth to highlight similarities between President Xi Jinping and the paramount leader who set the country on the road to economic prosperity while crushing dissent. 991 more words


Making sense of the chaos

China often seems very strange and filled with contradictions. The two main philosophies, Confucianism and Daoism, are complete opposites and yet the Chinese see both as fundamental to their culture. 781 more words


Deng Xiaoping And China's Treatment Of History

The new 48 episode series, which began airing on August 8, is the first officially-sanctioned dramatization of Deng’s rise to the position of paramount leader from 1976 to 1984 during one of the most tumultuous periods in contemporary Chinese politics. 69 more words


China TV series on Deng stirs questions on political openness

China’s state television is airing a serial on late leader Deng Xiaoping, a rare portrayal of a top politician that state media have trumpeted as a sign the Communist Party is easing its grip on officials’ sensitive legacies. 754 more words

China: Where Has Xi Jinping Got Power to Bring Down Zhou Yongkang

It is a question similar to the never solved conundrum: Hen or egg, which exists the first? As hen lays egg, it must exist the first, but as hen comes out from egg, the egg must exist the first. 1,304 more words

China's young military leaders are destroying China

China is on the verge of destroying a geopolitical miracle. In 1980, its economy was less than one-tenth that of the United States. In 30 years, China rose to become No. 1,087 more words


SZ Daily: A holiday at Lianhua Hill

Kite-flying park

Posing in front of the Civic Center building, best pic I got


IF I was asked to choose my favorite place to relax in Shenzhen, I would say the Lianhua Hill area. 486 more words