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“Hope deferred maketh the something sick”

When it’s so close you can feel it -
but you can’t actually feel.
When it’s almost real it seems impossible -
but really it is. 70 more words


Writing To Heal

The word heal has the connotation that it means to repair an injury, or cure a disease or condition.  But sometimes the best we can hope for, is that the healing stops a wound from bleeding all the time, though a scar remains to remind us of the incident.  480 more words



Shadows overcast my innocence, leaving me like a peasant; alone and hungry. Deserted.
The darkeness begins to engulf me, the chaotic, sporadic visions consume me, yet water flows from my eyes freely leaving me blinded. 212 more words


"A person who mistakes a rope for a snake becomes fearful, but he then gives up his fear upon realizing that the so-called snake does not exist. Similarly, for those who fail to recognize You as the Supreme Soul of all souls, the expansive illusory material existence arises, but knowledge of You at once causes it to subside." SB 10.14.25

Fear is the mind’s map for charting our course into illusion, with Captain Denial at the helm. When fear arises within us, it is our denial of accepting the very truth based on the past that keeps us a servant of fear living in our own projection of “what isn’t” existing. 204 more words

5.5 weeks pregnant

1. Current spirit fruit: pineapple still… I also get slightly fermented when I am left to stir in my own juices (read as “thoughts,” not literal juices – gross) for too long. 626 more words


Does this sound familiar ????
You’re partner constantly accuses you of being lazy, always putting yourself first, lying, being irresponsible with money, or possibly even cheating, when in… 66 more words