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The compass

You have come to the shore. There are no instructions.
Denise Levertov

Veronique Bougoin, Sunderland


quick update

My nailbeds are a lovely blueish purple right now. The building has steam radiators which are controlled from the boiler room with a timer, the timing of which is still apparently being worked out. 392 more words


Ode to Friday

To lie back under the tallest

oldest trees. How far the stems

rise, rise

               before ribs of shelter


To live in the mercy of God. 168 more words

Transformation, Inspiration

Praying with Fringes 11/07/2014 - though the fall cold surrounds our warm bed

Denise Levertov

We are a meadow where the bees hum,
mind and body are almost one

as the fire snaps in the stove
and our eyes close, 46 more words


denise levertov

There is a life enhancing memoir and appreciation of Denise Levertov by Murray Bodo OFM here

Brilliant, This Day

Today I’m writing with my window open, sun burning bright squares on the polished plank floor. These are the last days of bare feet, cut flowers from roadside farm stands, and coming home late to stand in the still green yard without a scarf or jacket. 484 more words

Vocational Training