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The Color Of The Harvest by Dennis Lange

……The Color Of The Harvest

Blue is the sky since summer’s dry,
…And seared and gold the field.
Green is the tractor rumbling through
…To reap it of its yield.  56 more words


At The Front Door - haiku by Dennis Lange

At The Front Door


Late wake-up
Because this day is
For the birds.



No thank you.
I don’t want any



The stripes? 64 more words


Men At Work by Dennis Lange

 …………….Men At Work

That road sign just seems to need clerking;
The error, unseemly, is irking.
…The plural is wrong;
…I’ve seen it so long: 14 more words


In A Word by Dennis Lange

…………..In A Word

The key to real estate, they say:
…Location, location, location!
But what if it’s out of the way?
…Locution, locution, locution!

—————————————— 7 more words


I See - haiku by Dennis Lange

I See

A soft bed,
For the treasured moon,
Cotton balls.


And I See

Lying down,
Playing with a coin,
A puppy.


photo by Manu Mohan at… 42 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

Who, Me? Or You?

Are you real?
I’m talking to you.
Are you real?




Nobody Knows

Famous one,
Riddle of the Sphinx –
Where’s my nose? 88 more words


Through Thick And Thin by Dennis Lange

…….Through Thick And Thin

(the poem is about my granddaughter,
                  now almost 3.) 

I called her scratchings spider webs,
…The first one brought to me. 86 more words