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Rhapsody In Blue - haiku by Dennis Lange

Rhapsody In Blue

Sky lends blue
To mountains below.
Becomes pale.


Blue mountains,
Blue shadows and lights,
Blue valleys.


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Precious Stones by Dennis Lange

…………….Precious Stones

Some few have sailed with purpose found,
…While others were adrift.
The latter serve out all their days
…As if life were a shift,  82 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

The Signs They Are A’Changing

I was F I N E
Until the rust. Now –
Just O K.


Hot Air Machines

Oh, I wish… 102 more words


A Message - haiku by Dennis Lange

A Message

To the wind:
Going to blow? Then
Be useful.

You’re ready, do it!
We’re waiting.


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The Leveler by Dennis Lange

…………..The Leveler

So many men are in a hurry;
…They speed and pass me by.
They are the hares, both fast and furry.
…And who’s the tortoise? 83 more words


The Bridge by Dennis Lange

……………….The Bridge

There lies the bridge; we cannot see the end.
It disappears in shadows ‘round the bend.
We know the way is littered by the leaves; 92 more words


Left Alone - haiku by Dennis Lange

Left Alone

A cleaned love
Then hung out to dry.
But that’s good.


Dirty love:
One hung out to dry,
But not loved.

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