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Arrayed, The Belle Appears by Dennis Lange

……..Arrayed, The Belle Appears

As day was ending and the light was dimmer
…(But sun still shone through trees and brush
And bounced across the water with a shimmer), 134 more words


If Sandburg's Cat Were Mine by Dennis Lange

….If Sandburg’s Cat Were Mine

The fog comes silently as if it were
…A pensive cat on little paws.
It looks o’er harbor, town without a purr… 26 more words


Round Corner - haiku by Dennis Lange

Round Corner

Hairpin curve
Taken at great speed
Takes much nerve.


Hairpin curves,
The rate that’s too fast –
Break-neck speed.


photo by Johnny Berg at… 46 more words


Doubling Up On Pleasure by Dennis Lange

…….Doubling Up On Pleasure

Two foods come with the Christmas season
…For which I drool and crave –
One tangy, one for sweeter reason.
…For days, I am their slave. 54 more words


Rock And Roll Music On The Beach - haiku by Dennis Lange

Rock While The Waves Roll

Rocking horse.
Since it’s on the beach –
A sea horse.


Rock and Roll

Was rolling
In with the tide.  72 more words


The Rhyme Of The Stranded Mariner by Dennis Lange

The Rhyme Of The Stranded Mariner

Night follows day; day follows night
…It’s stuck – no wave or motion,
As idle as the Coleridge ship… 54 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange


My, oh my!
Sleeping, lie.



Non-Rolling Stones

Chunks of rock.
Unable to roll,
Gather moss.




The Beauty Of Keeping On

In the sun… 94 more words