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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Dennis Weaver

Battling down a mysterious truck driving stranger in Duel? Count television maverick Dennis Weaver in! Hitting a high note? H-m-m…maybe not so much!

Yet, like 70s boob tube regulars Chad Everett and Telly Savalas, the late Weaver (who, also, co-starred with Valerie Harper in 1982’s truly spooky… 61 more words


Duel (1971/US)

Zerosumo.net – Bicara soal Steven Spielberg, anda pasti tahu betul bapak tua yang satu ini sudah menjadi anak emas perfilman Hollywood sedari dulu, dan masih aktif menjadi seorang filmmaker sampai sekarang. 611 more words

Movie Review

A rare gem by Steven Spielberg

Sometimes there’s a movie that doesn’t get much talk and deserves a mention. In this case it is one of Steven Spielberg’s earliest films going back to 1971, … 376 more words


Random Thoughts About Closets, Monoliths, and Stuff

(Warning: before reading the following post, it really helps if you’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, been to IKEA, and don’t mind frivolous randomness.) 671 more words

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Touch of Evil (1958) An Appreciation

Amazing, brilliant, ahead of it’s time, edge of your seat……etc.

I sure do love it when my sons come back from ‘the movie room” and ask if I’d like to watch a classic with them. 433 more words

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June 4th in history:

The idea of air travel got a big lift on June 4th, 1783, when the Montgolfier brothers of France demonstrated the hot-air balloon they developed. 106 more words

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Pic of the Day: "What's The Matter With Helen?" revisited

Our pic today takes another gander at Curtis Harrington‘s What’s The Matter With Helen? (1971). Glamorous dance teacher Adelle (Debbie Reynolds) answers a knock at the door, thinking it’s her date ( 34 more words

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