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Do You Get Me Now? Good!

I previously blogged about the differences between denotation and connotation and I received a lot of replies about how much they apply to text messaging. I conveniently found a tweet from a fellow classmate which pertained to emotions being expressed through e-mails: 710 more words

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Literal Meanings, Literally

Meanings. We create meaning from information we already know, concepts. However, what about the several literal meanings we can make? Things like denotations and connotations may jam up our thoughts about literal meanings, but Sean Hall can help us understand them a bit better in his book, … 636 more words

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week 41


Part 1 Language In Cultural Context

Of Words and Wizards

When we say something, there might be more meaning behind the words we say than we intend.  The difference between denotation and connotation is often presented as an example supporting this point.   683 more words

Contrast and Contravene

The human mind prefers to perceive  concepts in a binary fashion. But can this way of thinking backfire? I recently came across this work of graffiti from Beirut online, and it struck a few chords with me, having been raised in an extremely rural and isolated town and then being thrust into Beirut for my first year of college. 418 more words


Ad Breakdown

Denotation-Two cans of soda in the ad: one Pepsi and other resembling a Coca-Cola can. In the bottom right-hand corner, it says, “the Joy of Pepsi.” 240 more words

Lecture 1 - Meaning

Critical and Contemporay Perspectives has very much been about challenging the way one looks at photographs seeing them rather then looking at them. Today we used sample images to practice the difference between the two. 789 more words

Photography: Critical And Contemporary Perspectives