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Semiotics - Introduction.


The study of signs.

Semiotics is something you cannot talk about easily, because it is something that occurs all around us without us noticing! Ferdinand De Saussure was a Swiss teacher who dealt with linguistics. 548 more words

Graphic Design

Peer Blog Post

I agree with Abbey’s denotation of the photo that it is simply a picture of Kim Kardashian with Valentino and others at the Valentino fashion show during Fashion Week. 616 more words

Racism and Stereotypes: There is a Difference!

The other day I was chilling with my roommate in our dorm room when she told me about her wicked weekend with her beau. While she was recounting the tale, I noticed that she mentioned enjoying some watermelon flavoured gum. 370 more words


Gestures and Sorority Hand Symbols: Connotation & Denotation

Abbey Bonadies made a blog post on the topic of gestures, and she discussed how hand gestures and body language are a major part of her life. 676 more words

On Sound (II)

Revisited sound today. This time, with a view to, how does sound do work the good work, bearing up thought and feeling?

Had my students hold in hand, for their heft and texture, two… 411 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 306] I'm fine

When you look at the title, and compare it to some of my posts from last week (or early this week if your week starts on Monday), you might be expecting this to be about how I have recovered (or not) from the computer failure. 252 more words


So you wanna set the mood, baby? Part 2

Why don’t you have another glass of wine, mm? I’ll light these candles. Because we’re all about mood again today, angel pants. Awwww yeah. 522 more words