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Editing Tip #51

Tightening the Belt on Your Prose, Pt.2 ~

There are times when you can vividly imagine something happening or you’ve decided to use a more literary technique and venture into metaphor to better describe how something feels or smells… editors look for clarity in these images – here’s how. 629 more words


On Denoting something

by Mark Rexie John Sornito


Having personal interpretation on things gives us ideas on who we really are. They become part of us as persons.They are views on which we rely our choices and will eventually be our future.  248 more words

Philosophy Of Language


by Karl P. Bolivar


            We find it hard to have a single exact objective definition of things. Although we try to have it but we could not achieve it. 379 more words

Philosophy Of Language

When words fail…

by Raymond Pasco


In every sensible thing we say (logical possibilities) is a meaning that corresponds to it. What I mean with logical possibilities are those sensible things we say such as; a cat, every people, Prince of France, cold water, and the like. 1,089 more words

Philosophy Of Language


by Jeryme Cordero


Most people today don’t care anymore about the meaning of things as they are and even relationships. It seems that it is given or just taken-for-granted. 1,007 more words

Philosophy Of Language

By definition

That’s one of my favorite phrases “by definition” meaning know ya shit, the denotation.

Like average, meaning within a certain set of parameters on a bell curve. 30 more words

[M.M.X.I.V. 238] Pass

This post is essentially a continuation on an idea that I wrote about nearly a year ago.  In that post, I considered connotation versus denotation, with respect to the phrase “out of town” as it relates to going between municipalities of a metropolitan area. 514 more words