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Fonts to use.

After the project on the book cover, it inspired me to think more carefully on what fonts I would be using. The idea of using a sans serif and a serif when mixing fonts together taught me a lot on managing my type, and choosing the type that is appropriate for your target market. 290 more words


Joel Sternfeld

http://www.photography-now.net/joel_sternfeld/portfolio1.html What an amazing artist . His images are astounding as he asks you to search deeper into what he is portraying and look out into the world around you at the bigger picture involving our current cultural problems . 199 more words


The Falling Man- Semiotics Analysis

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols.

A swiss linguist called Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913) introduced the idea of semiotics and its concepts.

He and… 768 more words

CATS: John

Rhetoric: The Most Misunderstood, Nonexistent Language

Rhetoric. We all learned about it in high school. I was taught it is language that is designed to have a sort of persuasive effect on its audience. 224 more words