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The Most Brilliant Note from a Most Honest Translator

Anyone who has done any translating knows this. You just don’t often read the admission in such bald ink. And I can’t even imagine what translating Dante must be like.


Bryan died aged 34

This is a photo I took today of a packet of cigarettes sold in Australia, with the brand name blurred out so that I don’t encounter the wrath of any tobacco companies. 543 more words


Beyonce Rules

The music industry is filled with talented artist that continue to inspire and reach out to many of their fans around the world. Two female artist that left a massive imprint worldwide are Beyoncé and Rihanna. 1,202 more words

Eminem, The Rap God

Rap/Hip-Hop has become a huge popular genre in the music industry. Two talented rappers who have left a mark in the rap industry are Eminem and P-Diddy. 1,671 more words

Katy Perry Epiclly Epic

Katy Perry, legendary pop artist is more epic than Icona Pop, a Swedish pop duo that formed in 2009, with electro house, punk and indie pop music as huge influences. 915 more words

The Peoples' God

In the music industry, there are artists who are exceptional at what they do, artists who express how exceptional they are, but there are some who do both. 1,667 more words