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Karen Dilworth - Considerable Professional Skill

Karen Dilworth has acquired and honed a considerable amount of skills during her 30 year professional career, not only as a qualified and Certified Dental Assistant, but also as an Office Manager for several local organizations. 236 more words

Karen Dilworth

How to Become a Better Dental Assistant

Dental assistants have a challenging job. Whether you work for a local cosmetic dentist in Stuart, or an oral surgeon, the responsibilities can be overwhelming. 335 more words

Cosmetic Dentistry


Often underestimate, there’s no comparison to a compelling vision. This is true for both individuals and the dental business. It might seem trivial, but it is my firm belief that attention and focus needs to be on this simple idea. 307 more words



Criticism may be a ‘dirty word’ for you. I encourage you to read on – your life will develop when you learn this very simple idea I am sharing with you. 351 more words


Extra 1%

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Jimmy Johnson

One of my old bosses used to say “Krystal, you know it’s the extra 1% that makes the difference.” 383 more words


Too Much Info

One of the most common causes of incomplete treatment is, patient confusion.

Patient confusion = Treatment procrastination.

How we guide a patient through treatment is of… 255 more words