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Criticism may be a ‘dirty word’ for you. I encourage you to read on – your life will develop when you learn this very simple idea I am sharing with you. 344 more words

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Extra 1%

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Jimmy Johnson

One of my old bosses used to say “Krystal, you know it’s the extra 1% that makes the difference.” 376 more words

Dental Assistant

Too Much Info

One of the most common causes of incomplete treatment is, patient confusion.

Patient confusion = Treatment procrastination.

How we guide a patient through treatment is of… 248 more words

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Target's & KPI's


Unfortunately these words are becoming more and more a FOCUS in the dental industry. The infiltration of corporates to the field have given a new rise to these… 412 more words

Dental Assistant

The Bus

Organisation is something that, in the dental industry, we need to MASTER. Without organisation, our day can become chaotic and super disorganised quick as you can blink… 353 more words

Dental Assistant

The Handball

The dental practice is full of business to take care of – you know, jobs. Not all are what you might call ‘fun… 379 more words

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I had a wonderful conversation in the car with my dad and my sister last night – which BLEW MY MIND. It all started because I asked how long the dental profession has been around for. 447 more words

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