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Same day dental implants services, also known as teeth in a day, are available and they can be performed by surgeons that specialize in this area… 563 more words

Get Dental Implants to Complete Your Smile

Missing some of your teeth is not conducive to smiling. That said, a closed-mouth smile can never replace a full-toothed grin. There are a few solutions though, the most popular one being dentures. 199 more words


The Functional Aspects Of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many different treatments offered for changing missing teeth however the best option that will provide you the look and feel of natural teeth is implant dentistry. 599 more words

Mesa AZ Dentist About Dental Implants


Today a large percentage of the population is missing one or more teeth. To prevent bone loss after one has a loss of a tooth or, teeth, dental implants are one of the preferred methods of treatment. 138 more words


Why Get Dental Implants?

As the front desk manager at Anthem, I am very aware of how feeling that I am looking good, can impact on my general confidence. 346 more words

Anthem Periodontics And Dental Implants

Dental Crown Austin - TMJ Treatment - Cosmetic Dentist

http://www.fredrickshawdds.com – Austin prosthodontics team is good in dental crown implants, tmj treatment, tooth extraction and cosmetic dentist solutions. Get a good smile with our dental care services and find dental bridge and crown placement solutions, available with most insurance plans. 26 more words


Dental Implants Require Proper Bone Width and Height

When a tooth is missing in the jaw for an extended period of time, the bone at that location resorbs in both width and height.  Proper treatment planning is crucial in determining if ideal bone volume is in place before an implant could be placed with predictable long lasting result. 154 more words

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