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Comparing dental implants – does material, surface coating or shape make a difference?

Missing teeth can sometimes be replaced with crowns, bridges or dentures, which may be attached to dental implants. Many different types of implant exist; more than 1,300 are available in different materials, shapes, sizes and with different surface characteristics or coatings. 504 more words

Dental Implants

Get A Perfect Smile Which Never Fades

Chewing, talking becomes difficult. To get the perfect smile and create the desired look which is lost, one can opt for tooth replacement. Loss of teeth leads to loss of bones, which is a liability for the body to function properly. 437 more words


Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Your teeth serve a number of important functions. Most notably, they process your food before digestion, but they also help you enunciate your words clearly, support many of your facial structures, and help provide stimulation that keeps your jawbone strong and healthy. 355 more words

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Announcer Loses Tooth

Grayhills & Mohip Dental, a Wellington dentist, is here to bring you into the world of modern dentistry. Their equipment is the highest-tech available, and that means your visit is more efficient and less painful. 298 more words

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How to Find Cheap Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, you are automatically at a greater risk for developing infections that could potentially lead to a serious disorder like gum disease. 190 more words

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