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Home-made Deodorant

Stink-B-Gone home-made deodorant recipe:

equal parts of,

baking soda
corn starch
arrow-root powder

Mix these together dry in a bowl. Add enough extra-virgin coconut oil to make it the consistency of frosting. 19 more words


My favorite deoderants

Deoderant is a very important product to me, and most other people too. Today I’ll share my favorite deoderants. I’ll show you my favorite deoderants in every form (spray, stick, roller). 543 more words


Worst person ever.

So I may have definitely won the award for worst blogger, by the criteria of lack of uploads coupled with persistent episodes of repeated procrastination, but the good news is I’ve been having the best time! 493 more words

My first experiences with home made stuff…

K I stink, I have a really stinky BO, I have always used Dove Professional stuff that is suppose to be good for 25hrs or more- I still had to put it on every day. 662 more words

Natural Product Reviews

Hippie Healthcare: Deoderant

So this is an issue I’m weirdly passionate about…well, it won’t be so weird when I explain it – but I get that it sounds odd :) 317 more words


Some days......

……..are not worth the deodorant needed for this shit to not stink

Not Every day of my life is a struggle to be a great and positive person but days like today make it fuckin hard. 110 more words

natural deodorant

i think a lot of people cringe when they think about not wearing deodorant or antiperspirant. but have you actually thought about the ingredients that are in those products? 386 more words