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More to Come Later

They want to start me on Lithium or Depakote.

Time for the serious stuff I guess.

I am already going to decline the Depakote. I’m hearing way too much bad shit. 32 more words


Depakote is use as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder

Depakote hold dynamic element Valproic acid is utilized alone or with different medicines to treat certain sorts of seizures. This pill is likewise utilized as a part of the medicine of insanity (scenes of excited, strangely energized inclination) in individuals with bipolar issue (manic-depressive issue; an ailment that causes scenes of dejection, scenes of lunacy, and other anomalous inclinations). 269 more words


Where i can get Divalproex sodium online?

Depakote which contain Valproic sodium is a prescription medication that has been proven useful in the management of epilepsy, and manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. 335 more words


My status ?

Still on Depakote, today the dose was doubled.

I started crying again but not as often as before.

Have to keep my mind busy with trivial shit so I don’t think. 260 more words


It’s been a while.

Time is like a blur. I don’t notice when days pass.

I am taking a higher dose of Depakote.

Mostly I can control my feelings… but if I can get my mind busy thinking on something. 261 more words

Sh*t Forgot My Meds Last Night

Last night, in the midst of a change in routine, I forgot to take my night-time medication. When I saw that my pill-box still contained last night’s medication this morning, I took a partial night-time dose of divalproex sodium this morning. 87 more words

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Anticonvulsant medications are used to treat seizures

        Anticonvulsant medications are prescriptions used to counteract or treat writhings (seizures). A prescription used to control (forestall) seizures (writhings) or stop a continuous arrangement of seizures. 326 more words