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Does Depakote used for treating seizures?

Depakote hold Divalproex sodium influences chemicals in the body that may be included in bringing about seizures.

Divalproex sodium is utilized to treat different sorts of seizure issue. 274 more words



I don’t know that if the fact that it is so fucking hot and humid out here makes me even angrier.

If I’m crying or about to… or maybe scream or punch a wall… I just take that damn Depakote like in an instant. 236 more words

Divalproex Sodium

As of 1 October, I’ve been officially taken off my Abilify. 109 more words

Personal Drama

How did I get here ?

Since I can remember it has been 18 years… only 18 years of life.

Now I find myself being 25.

I have nothing planned for the future. 166 more words


I had a breakdown last night. Manic Angry spell…. It was NOT fun and I really almost checked myself in the nut hut because I really wanted to hurt someone. 107 more words

The Difference Between Epilim & Depakote!

Oh the delights of changing AED’s!  I’m a prime example of someone with epilepsy whose medication controls seizures allowing me to live life as others who don’t have epilepsy do.   782 more words

More to Come Later

They want to start me on Lithium or Depakote.

Time for the serious stuff I guess.

I am already going to decline the Depakote. I’m hearing way too much bad shit. 32 more words