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Sh*t Forgot My Meds Last Night

Last night, in the midst of a change in routine, I forgot to take my night-time medication. When I saw that my pill-box still contained last night’s medication this morning, I took a partial night-time dose of divalproex sodium this morning. 87 more words

Mental Health

        Anticonvulsant medications are prescriptions used to counteract or treat writhings (seizures). A prescription used to control (forestall) seizures (writhings) or stop a continuous arrangement of seizures. 326 more words


Appointment with Psychiatrist

I had my first appointment with my psychiatrist after getting out of hospital. She didn’t seem to pleased that the other psychiatrist took it upon himself to take me off my Depakote. 143 more words

Let's Try This.... (aka Tweak The Meds)

So, I went to see Dr. G today. She was running behind schedule which was fine. However, sitting out in the waiting room, I get hit with an anxiety attack! 364 more words

Depakote dosages instruction online Lipetsk - onlinepillmar

Depakote used as a mood stabilizer in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Source: onlinepillmart.com

Depakote is an inclination stabilizer prescription that works in the mind. It is endorsed for the medicine of bipolar issue (otherwise called manic sorrow), seizures (epilepsy), and headache migraines.

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How... ?

I feel so fucking angry and sad.

I can’t write my feelings.

I can’t even draw my feelings.

I can’t even feel them.

Too much.

Too much.


Woah, the interface changed.
Oh, no… Changes !

I’ve been going out…
To the bank and to get food.
I had no option.
But at least I’m exiting the room. 356 more words