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Major He Said/He Said Going on In the Blink-182 Camp

We all know that blink-182 and its members have their issues, but for once we though that all the drama had been put behind them so that they could work on a new album, peacefully. 489 more words

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“Well ma’am would it is eitherĀ get to your destination or be stuck where you are,” the airline customer service representative nastily said to me this morning.

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Seoul, here we come !

Realising that your flight is not for tomorrow … But leaving in 2h30! Packing in 20′, dressing up sleeping kids in a blink of an eye, jumping in a taxi in the middle of the night and eventually … Making it just right on time? 38 more words


3 Reasons Why I Hated Bali

Written by: Thomas

Bali might be considered a dream destination to some, but for me there are a few reasons why I will never return. 612 more words


Bus stops: The academy at Peckham in London, UK

London, UK, images, travel, tourism, London Transport, destinations, arrival, departure, London double-decker buses, bus routes, streets, maps, connections, bus stops, “The academy at Peckham” 6 more words


Asking Alexandria Issue Statement About Frontman's Departure

Several hours after former Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop announced he had left the band he fronted since 2008, the rest of the band members, more specifically guitarist and founding member Ben Bruce has spoken out about Worsnop’s departure, reassuring fans that this is just a new chapter for them. 536 more words

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