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I pull my mugs from the cupboard

My coats and hangers from the closet

Take down the Christmas tree

Remove the end table, plants, and tea… 23 more words


Swift Departures

It is strange how people enter and leave your life in a split of a second. At a certain point of your life you bond with someone to the extent of fusing within them and you belong inside their mind,  soul and humanly body. 407 more words



That night, I closed my eyes and tried to conjure eternity. I wanted to be lost in time, to be carried by some invisible forces into the Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, wherever! 1,325 more words


Departure by Linden Thorp

On departure day, as I watched the group prepare to leave, they packed nothing at all. They took only a few handmade possessions which they habitually carry or wear: their… 704 more words


For a Friend (Who Has Flown Off)

We threw punches at each other in and out of class
Like little boys trying to catch the other off-guard
The punches flew in sometimes exaggerated fashions… 191 more words

Departure fast approaching

The problem with going anywhere new to visit and explore is that eventually you have to leave…

My time in Uganda has been one giant adventure. 450 more words