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Departure Of Newly Refitted 65m Classic Motor Yacht SHEMARA From Trafalgar Wharf by Yacht Blog

July 25, 2014
Last month noticed the departure of the newly refitted 65m motor yacht Shemara from Trafalgar Wharf in UK’s Portchester. Following her 3-year refit, the traditional 1938 superyacht Shemara gradually edged her way by means of The Drystack in the dead of night and out onto the ship … if you want to view full content please visit this … 8 more words

Host Everything!!!

Thank you AMIDEAST!!! I have received both my host family and host school (and my departure date). I leave home August 25, which is fittingly the first day of school here, but since both my parents are teachers I am going to have to be dropped off at the airport 4 hours before my flight which means loading up on frappucinos in an empty airport. 573 more words


I am browsing a dating website with a friend of mine and on it, there is a photo I have taken. We were standing in the cold forest last fall and everything was red- my lips, my pants, the leaves, the sky, his beard. 242 more words

My Heart

No! I'm Not Ready!

Preparing to send The Boy to college. Dying inside. Want time to stand still for just awhile. Two days left! So much more painful than I ever could have imagined!

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How To Create a New World - Part 3: The Hero's Journey

            Welcome and salutations, good friends! I hope you came prepared to go on a journey. A very long journey. One filled with danger, suspense, thrills, chills, epic epicness of epic levels! 1,474 more words


one day--finality visits

In morbid fascination, the reality of ones physical departure must be addressed at some point; hopefully, prior to a deathbed confession that involves absence of clarity in discussing with those needing to hear the last wishes of the soon, nonexistent presence once called daddy, grandpa, uncle, and other titles applied to relationships built during the process of many tears shed in joy or sorrow, the celebration of birth, the anguish of death, the memory of shared events, and countless moments that define who and what we are, and were. 172 more words

reviving childhood fantasy

There exists no other departure from the cruelty of this world than the quintessential fantasy of childhood anxiousness; in the depriving of sleep in what hopefully lay in store beneath the evergreen branches of the Christmas tree, courtesy of the bearded myth that was, and in many cases, still thrive for many—Santa Claus. 94 more words