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Leaving For Asia in 12 Hours

So, here I go again..

First post in quite a while, just about a year in fact. This time, I’m headed to Asia, but I’m not going alone. 161 more words


Last Days

It’s 4:00 pm on my last day in the US until December 25th, and I’m eating Americone Dream, patiently waiting for my alarm to go off in a little less than 12 hours. 922 more words


The last sunset in London

The last sunset in London is in a hurry to erase the colours of this vibrant city, leaving it to be grey and bland. No, actually, it has all been washed away. 264 more words


Getting Close to Departure!

So I decided to change the blogging platform, and transfered from Blogspot to Worpress. In my opinion, the WordPress design templates and editing opportunities make everything look more clean and nice, all giving a better reading experience. 177 more words

Cheerio, America!

ATTENTION EVERYONE! The stress has finally lifted and the excitement has officially set in: today is my last full day in America! I cannot believe it is… 838 more words


When traveling between Russia and Alaska, you first must get your Bering Strait.

Let me get the obligatory out of the way — I’ve never written a blog before and it will definitely be a work in progress. Right now I’m sort of feeling the puns as blog titles, but I’m sure soon I won’t be able to find an appropriate one so that’ll go out the window. 298 more words


Hallo, auf Wiedersehen

Anne and I are off to Germany! Thank you to everyone who helped us get here. We will be posting (albeit sporadicly) so that, should you be interested, you can follow us on some of our adventure. 7 more words