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There’s something magical about airports. Departures, arrivals, passports and tickets. Accents from around the globe and eavesdropping on conversations you don’t understand. Watching kids leave for school tours all dressed in matching outfits.   414 more words


Riding with Jack, Hard Lesson Learned

Recently, I was able to attend a Jack Brainard Clinic. Until about 6 months ago, I really didn’t know that much about him. I only knew that he was pretty much a legend in the quarter horse and cowboy world and mentally had him compartmentalized with other legends like Ray Hunt and Dorrance.  1,344 more words

Animal Stories

First Time

First time cooking BBQ ribs. They were delicious. Strike one up for new adventures.



Without intervention, the rocks will never be reassemble. They will only continue to decay. Time is unidirectional.


Slow Flight

FLIGHT AT LESS THAN CRUISE AIRSPEEDS • Maneuvering during slow flight demonstrates the flight characteristics and degree of controllability of an airplane at less than cruise speeds. 256 more words

Flight Lessons

Keeping it Real


Keeping it real with Alpha Bits.  Yummy and educational…..


I would rather.....


I would rather be enjoying this drink, poolside, in the Barcelona sun than at work.