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Omiljeni lakovi ovog leta

Pošto nam se leto polako bliži kraju, a najavili su lepo miholjsko, mislila sam da bi bilo dobro da napišem post o mojim omiljenim lakovima ovog leta. 552 more words




I don’t like depending on people
Cos I know that people leave
No matter what the circumstances are
And by the end of the day… 37 more words


Three Ways That Two Is Better Than One (2006)

1. Two has always been double the fun.

2. Two is twice what one could be.

3. Two can cover handling anything, especially if the other one is not available. 12 more words


depend on the mind

what is the scene

and what is the courage

and where is the secret

and how it is told

and what is the brand

and how it is found… 44 more words


Depend on an Experienced Cairns Arborist to Remove Dangerous Trees

Trees are essentially good for society as a whole; however, many lack proper knowledge on which kinds of trees are safe and appropriate for golf courses, residential areas, and roadsides, as some types of trees are better left in forests. 116 more words

Abide in Him

We all want to make progress in life. We all want to see growth in every area of our lives. So what if I told you I know exactly what you should do to make a huge success? 188 more words


Let's Talk About Wetting Yourself

Hello internet!

So Depend (that adult diaper company) have come out with an admittedly bold advertising campaign to help raise incontinence awareness to de-stigmatize the need to wear diapers (or as Depend brand it: ‘a different kind of underwear.’). 418 more words