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Power by Newspeak...

and other political parlor tricks…

As the emperor continues to strut about the White House and local golf courses as though he knows what he is doing, and as if everybody else thinks he’s as peachy keen as he does, I recall an article I read earlier this year that… 1,228 more words

POLITICS: Talking Out Of One's Ass And Face At The Same Time

Secret Dependency.


It seems like such a dirty word to me. I pride myself in not being a very dependent person and being very self-sufficient in many things. 437 more words


"I'm Just Saying..":: Ladies: 7 Reasons Why You Are Too Independent

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means? I loved that song when it first came out. Anyway, many men are attracted to a woman with goals, a career, and wealth. 676 more words

"I'm Just Saying.."

Wholly Thine

Usually when we talk about Old Testament sacrifices, we end up exploring how they are precursors to Jesus’ death on the cross. His is the ultimate, all-atoning sacrifice, covering sins for all time. 807 more words

Christian Preaching


He is not there to take care of me any more.
She does not want to take care of me.
But I need to.

He is not there to pay attention to any one. 128 more words

Toxic Relationships

Gina's Story

Dean had just proposed to me, the following week my doctor confirmed that I was having twins and then a month later the same doctor confirmed that I was HIV positive. 164 more words

Recovery Story

The new American dream ….

Is it way out of reach? …..

While raking through the internet’s morning litter box to separate that which might be salvaged instead of unceremoniously buried, I came across an interesting teaser asking “ 1,091 more words

POLITICS: Talking Out Of One's Ass And Face At The Same Time