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More Meaningful Interactions

“You can’t upload love, you can’t download time, you can’t Google all of life’s answers. You must actually live some of your life.” ~ author attributions vary…

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Madhuri's Story

My name is Madhuri which in Gujurati means sweet girl. I am 29 years old and have a son who is just two and a half named Saadi which means happy. 233 more words

Recovery Story


I couldn’t be his crutch

Three drinks in

I watch him teetering on the edge

Drowning with each sip

I try to tell him

If he just stood up from his bay of pain… 137 more words


Path to Modernity

Unlike modernity theorists presume, the conditions for development today are much different to what Western countries once experienced. The poverty, the dirty stages of development, the violence.  688 more words



I nursed the thought of him deep into my subconscious;

          Until my dreams consisted of only him,

          And the love I wanted so desperately from his heart. 42 more words


When baby's extreme dependency hits the road....

My daughter has been the “perfect” baby for several months. Almost no crying, good behavior, very intelligent, has discovered things for herself, etc.
She has never liked being left by herself for a long period of time, but she could handle very tiny periods of time when I had to make her brunch bowl of fruit, when I had to go downstairs looking for something or when I had to go to the bathroom for a second. 225 more words