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Mental Health & Alcohol Dependency - what comes first?

Recently I met a gentleman who is a contact of a very good friend of mine with a view to renting some office space from him.   481 more words


16:01 Saturday 2014-06-28. 

They escorted Jimmy out of here about half an hour ago.  He’s always been a milquetoast.  Now he was shouting and cursing.  “Yeah, I been drinking.”  Whatever happened at the desk, he’s barred out now.  207 more words


A Pill for that Too

I’m beginning to feel,
Beginning to feel
Staring into halos of pretty colors
Rich and celestial
The smallest thing
Almost invisible to the untrained eye. 125 more words

Dilip's Story

I came to England a year ago from Sri Lanka. When I arrived in London I discovered the job I had been promised did not exist. 274 more words

Recovery Story

Self Reliance: The Real Freedom

What grants a human being freedom? Is it something complex and large like our democracy given to us in the form of a constitution by the government of the United States? 1,213 more words

What is a True Friend?

A true friend is not someone who will be there when times are tough. But who is strong enough to be there for you when times are good. 386 more words