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Today I'll seek peace; life's answers can wait

Some people are born into a family of doctors, some to lawyers. I was born into a circle of addicts. Mother, father, grandmothers, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins. 983 more words


Give from abundance

I normally only publish on Mondays (comments on the news), Wednesdays (recycling old posts) and Saturdays (substantial new pieces).  A couple things happened this morning that seem to me urgent enough to warrant an off-schedule post. 564 more words

The Homeless Blogger

Big Lottery Fund drop in income

Minutes of a BLF board meeting show members were concerned about financial and reputational issues after the National Lottery ticket price rose from £1 to £2… 47 more words

CPS can’t decide whom I see.

You are absolutely right. You can choose to see whomever you want.

Understand, though, if the person you want to see, including a spouse, or significant other, is charged with hurting you, your child, or someone else’s child, no court in the world will choose your side. 185 more words

Child Protective Services

They act like I can’t take care of my child.

If you show up for all your appointments, keep visits with your child, and treat people with respect, they probably won’t say that. Of course, if you fail to act responsibly in appearing for appointments and spending time with your child, then what else should they think? 188 more words

Child Protective Services

I never get their calls because I don’t have any minutes.

I understand that minutes for your phone are expensive. Think about how you use your phone. What’s more important, having minutes available to talk to people about getting your child back, or talking to your friends? 124 more words

Child Protective Services

They treat me like crap.

After fighting CPS in court and dealing with case managers, you feel like they don’t show you any respect and disregard your requests and needs. Like it or not, if you treat them better than they treat you, they will change their tune. 482 more words

Child Protective Services