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His Grace

Why do we find it so hard to ask for help from people, never mind asking for help from God? Could it be that we think we have to be  independent with everything?  190 more words



Ive lived my life in a constant state of separation. I hit people with a recurring text of Have a good day or Happy Friday. I wanted people to know me, to like me but I didnt want them close enough to actually know me or to hurt me. 387 more words

not helping ?

at the buss stop a person sits next to me then asks
them: do you have a one doler for the buss
me : im shor the buss costs more than a doller… 261 more words


Facts About Tax Exemptions You May Not Know

Who can you claim on your tax return? You know you can’t claim an exemption for the family cat, but what about your brother-in-law who camps out in your living room because he lost his job?  413 more words

Tax Deductions And Credits


So, lately I’ve been noticing a lot in how people view others that do things off by themselves. They don’t need a large friend group. They aren’t apart of the pack of girls that go to the bathroom together at parties. 371 more words


They can’t always be there for you.

They won’t answer your phone calls when you need it most.
At 2am when it matters.
When the knife is on your skin. 21 more words


That’s all I am. Pathetic, over-emotional, needy, selfish, childlike. I am unreal when alone.

I should be alone.