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Compassionate appointments -yes, jointly we can make it:

No dearth of people suffering from tortuous agonies and so are the families rendered helpless after their bread earner meets a mishap and is no more while in service or immediately thereafter with the spouse along with dependents running helter skelter for some source of their sustenance. 327 more words


People Can Be So Unreliable....Oh Well!

Today I learned…how unreliable people can be sometimes! No matter how many chances you give, someone is going to let you down SIMPLY. BECAUSE. WE’RE ALL HUMAN. 260 more words


Poem: Honest Dilemma

Chains everywhere
Some to protect
Some to protect from.
What is more dangerous-
to face the danger
Or to live in fear?
Is death more librating…

32 more words

Is Immigration Reform Really Working to Help Unaccompanied Children Become Legal Workers and Citizens?

by Samantha Karpman

With immigration being such a prominent issue in recent politics, several Americans are starting to request a stricter policy when letting individuals into our borders. 750 more words


Life Support

Part of a living will states that you don’t want to be on life support. This can mean anything from artificial ventilation to artificial feeding. If you are unable to live on your own, you don’t want artificial methods to keep you alive. 425 more words


Black Ball In The Brick Wall / Glitterbug

This song is about 2 years old now. It’s had to undergo a lot of cutting and shortening as it was about 6 minutes long with not much of a change in chords or mood. 286 more words



This is song I wrote nearly a year ago and still haven’t got round to writing a middle eighth for yet. So I guess the lyrics here are unfinished, but I like them and am going to post them up here to have them safe and perusable. 183 more words