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This Vanity and Narcissism Fad

There was a time before the internet became widely available to the public that getting your life story on print was a big deal. Come the age of social media and all that disappeared. 652 more words


Mi-aş fi dorit...

Mi-aş fi dorit…

              de Adi Mangu

Mi-aş fi dorit să te am doar de prietenă,
Să nu te fi iubit niciodată!
Acum aş fi putut să-ţi spun că îmi e dor de tine… 328 more words


Full of an emptiness.

is it full yet?
seems like
no amount that
i give it
will satiate
it’s sad to think
my sociability is
upon another, 14 more words


Be heartless or be heartbroken

You spend hours, days, weeks, months, even years with someone, and eventually you end up in the corner of your bedroom crying out every last tear.   318 more words

fullcalendar single slot event end time

I am using fullcalendar in the agendaWeek view. I noticed that events that are in a single slot, lets say 30 min, do not display the endtime. 66 more words


Be Independent

You should get independent or interdependent of other in the course of your life to accomplish more and be more stable emotionally. If not you will get depressed just because of weather, incidents or because somebody influenced you in some way and you are so dependent on their statement that your world got shaped after it. 424 more words


Dependency in love

“I love you so much, I can’t live without you!”

Well now that’s bullshit.
When you love someone, you’re not depending on them. You can live without them. 15 more words