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I’ve never known what it feels like to go through a break-up – especially a long term one as such. After painstakingly meeting my ex to discuss some issues, the blubbing flowed uncontrollably, the arguments stuttered awkwardly, whilst the tempting kisses interrupted. 140 more words



I’ll lean on you.

You’ll lean on…

I’ll lean on you.


Nice to meet you player...

Since becoming single, I haven’t really given myself a chance to truly be alone and consider how I feel. After the break-up, I jumped straight into the bed of someone else, naively thinking that it would offer comfort – surprise surprise it did the opposite and my dependency issues have become even more prominent. 252 more words


Common Lessons in Uncommon Places

Sometimes God teaches you things and it hits like a freight train or a steel bat or a linebacker or your favorite heavy hitting metaphor. I recently learned something about my walk that made me rethink everything thus far in my life. 263 more words

Party's Over

The pressure and stress of how to deal with things beyond my control is terrifying. I can only do so much, yet I’m being pulled in so many directions; it’s mind-boggling. 224 more words


Accountability Within Group Projects

Sometimes you’re speechless. Speechless at the lack of intuition and effort of a group member’s competence to get their job done.

Of course, there’s always that one person that simply doesn’t do their work. 88 more words


Expecting Advent

Last week I said my word for this holiday season is dependent.  Which means; relying on someone or something else for aid or support; subordinate . 464 more words