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Starting with Four Weeks Ago

I figure that I should start at the beginning, so I will tell the story of the days leading up to deployment and the actual day of.  1,096 more words

About Me

My Deployment is Harder Than Your Deployment (And Other Nanny Nanny Boo Boo Nonsense)

One time a friend of mine sat in my living room tearful and sad and missing her sailor on their first deployment. He had been gone a few weeks. 516 more words

That's Navy Life

Deployment Monster: 5 Ways to be a Superhero for Your Kids

Military life is difficult. But if you can add parenting into the mix, you’re my hero. Not all military spouses were born to be mothers or fathers. 482 more words

Military Kids

Gap Footage: Deployment Video Log 20120603

Gap Footage: From 3 June 2012 after I left American for Afghanistan.

Gap Footage is semi-edited video footage from a previous time that I never published online.


A perfect evening spent with our wives club.

I spent the evening with the 12 wives who make-up our spouses club. There were howls and tears of laughter. Not a moment of the 4 hours spent together was without smiles or earnest conversation. 138 more words

Military Spouse

314 days and 44 things to do!

314 days is way too long! I will NOT be making a paper chain countdown to represent that amount of time! That would be depressing! Instead, I have divided the time by weeks and we have about 44 of those left to last through! 255 more words


Never Really Alone

I’m somewhere between mile 18 and 19 and I can’t take the pain anymore. There is a blister on my toe. I know it! Why did I wrap my toe? 494 more words

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