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He's home!!!!

My hubby is finally home!!! After 6 months our little family is complete! The kids and I are beyond ecstatic! He has been home for just over 24 hours and I am already less stressed just having him here. 53 more words

Talking About What No One Wants to Talk About

“And I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well. I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself.” Dashboard Confessional… 1,143 more words


Deployment fidelity concerns.

Topic number 2!

Deployment and remaining faithful…ooooh!

One of the most common topics that seems to be discussed online when it comes to deployment is whether or not both members of the relationship are staying faithful to one another. 996 more words


The first 12 weeks

We began our year 21 July 2014.  Despite better planning this year, we had a rocky start.  Just 3 weeks before school was to begin, we found out N would be deploying yet again.   517 more words

Desert Storm: The Calm in the Eye of the Deployment Hurricane

You know how a room is noisy and then suddenly it gets really quiet, like all the noise dropped away all at once?  It was like that once we packed up all of our equipment and then sent it off to Saudi Arabia.  381 more words


I have something to say God

That’s already been said
But not in so many words.
Nobody want to read this.
I can’t say what I want so bad to say but can’t . 69 more words


Ignorance is ... bliss? ... in the USA.

As I sit here in my parents’ living room, ignoring my school work that is due in a few days, and watching hours and hours of football games, a strange thought occurs to me … 520 more words

Military Spouse