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Random Acts of Poetry [Flashback]

This poem holds a special place in my heart. It was written in 2007. Not only was it the first poem I’ve written that was published but it was also written during my military training. 218 more words

Going to church without him...

Sundays are really hard for me now. Families are supposed to go to church together! It feels so weird to sit alone in a pew that I usually can’t bring myself to do it! 370 more words


Nesting of a different sort.

If you’ve ever experienced the latter months of a pregnancy you probably know what I mean by “nesting.”  I define it as an uncontrollable and sometimes illogical drive to accomplish certain tasks before baby arrives, even if said tasks will in no way make a difference to the baby’s life.  846 more words


Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to Chris for his second deployment was just as hard as the first. He was supposed to fly out last week and luckily his flights were messed up so we were able to spend one last weekend together. 292 more words

Marine Corps

Retail therapy

I sometimes shop to take my mind off my boyfriend. I feel that it is the only task that 100% successfully distracts me. Emotional and creative parts of my brain are too busy looking at shoes, rugs, tea lights and dresses to overthink my long distance army relationship. 182 more words

The Truth

Fabric – A Handy Library to Automate Local & Remote Tasks

With an increasing number of Django projects in active deployment, the many repetitive steps of carrying code-changes to their online-destinations became more and more tedious, so eventually the time has come to take a closer look on ways to help during this process. 440 more words