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Not Counting

I told myself when you left for deployment this time that I wouldn’t start counting down the days until after New Years. Though I’ve never had a penchant for numbers, somehow when you’re gone I become a regular Pythagoras. 89 more words

Suicide In Uniform

Suicide in Uniform


While much is written about the suicides among civilians, very little has been written about suicides committed by people in uniform, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or Kashmir. 395 more words


Day 4

I am very sorry that I haven’t been posting more often. I got a text from him Monday morning at about 10:00 saying that he had made it there safe and also that he was doing well, other than dealing with jet lag on top of in-processing. 562 more words


Mid Week Musings: The Military Child

Any one who has been a military child, is raising a military child or works with military children will know what I am talking about when I say that they have got to be some of the most resilient children in the world.  669 more words


Living It - Week 15

Listen – Tip #41

Active listening is a skill.  Some people are born with it, some people have to work hard on it and some people may never get it.   334 more words

Military Family Support - Tips From The 101 Tips Books

JRo's Adventures in Europe

Let me set this up properly… My Ace has been deployed over in Europe and I asked him to do a guest post sharing his experience with us. 43 more words

Life Experiences

Deployed dad returns home to his little girl

Some of you may remember back in May, just around Memorial Day, I asked for help for a United States Marine deployed in Afghanistan. His puppy, Munch, needed a place to stay for six months, and also needed a little extra help and patience because she was young and needed training. 159 more words